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  1. Log Files

    I not big fan of the Invert (ctrl+alt+F10) in the ladder. I would rather use the not equal  "<>" instead of  "=" and remove the invert. But ok, yes it will Work for you.
  2. Log Files

    Do you use structured project? Then you can put in a "ST" in the ladder. That is pretty cool.
  3. Log Files

    Hi Andrei, You want to detect the change of value for ZR1200? Maybe this can help? /Dariusch
  4. Timer Values

    Yes probably. I always test functions and new FB's on a PLC. But a Q50UDEH is not cheap have extra on the desk      
  5. Timer Values

    ok, you are running a simulator and not on PLC? I have not tried the simulator, but I think it could be a explanation. /Dariusch
  6. Timer Values

    1) You have checked that it is not used any other Places? 2) Try make a new timer just 1 NW after and run it with a 100ms puls (SM410) LD SM410  OUT T151 K100 /Dariusch
  7. Timer Values

    You use a lowspeed timer. Can you please try change ZR1204 with a constant ie. K100  
  8. Timer Values

    Hi Andrei, Do you use the instructions OUT and OUTH? Maybe send a screendump of the NW
  9. Timer Values

    Hei Andrei, Please have a look at the manual in the download section "QnUCPU - User's Manual, Function Explanation, Program fundamentals" Chapter 9.2.10 Timer (T) page 382. Setting up low and highspeed timers se attached "Timer_setup1". You could also use as IEC timers. se attached "Timer". Hope this get you started, else get back. /Dariusch  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    QnUCPU - User's Manual, Function Explanation, Program fundamentals Basic, good to know.
  11. View File QnUCPU - User's Manual, Function Explanation, Program fundamentals QnUCPU - User's Manual, Function Explanation, Program fundamentals Basic, good to know. Submitter Dariusch Submitted 02/22/17 Category Manuals, Tutorials
  12. motion A273UHCPU download errors again

    Hi Letranlong, Can you plase tell us the Error-code you get? Maybe some screendumps.   /Dariusch
  13. Hi there, I have made some FB's in IEC/GXW2 that I have importet in the GXW3 Lib. Some of the FB's include functions with the EN/ENO where in IEC/GXW2 was possible to disable the "Hold output" when not executed. Please see attached. I have spoken with Mitsubishi and they say it is not a functionality in the GXW3. Any one here with experience of how to workaround this? Or do I have to rewrite my code? Best regards Dariusch  
  14. Cc link

    Hi aakash, I have not quite understood what exactly you have trouble with. But I maybe think you are missing some settings for the remote I/O-stations. I seems at default settings.   /Dariusch  
  15. Issue changing IP address of a Q03UDECPU

    Aha... If you have enabled the "IP Packet transfere setting" you get the error. You have to check if your application can run without this setting. /Dariusch