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Looking for some help if possible.

Have a customer with an NT20-ST121-E and they recently purchased from us a replacement programme for their unit.  This was sent to them in a zip file but they have emailed me saying it's not correct.  I'm very new to these and the person who would normally handle this is not in.

They're using NT-series Support Tool for Windows Ver4.8 and have sent a pic to show that this is looking for an .onw file but there is not one in our database.  The zip file contains the following 5 file extensions:

M2D / M2G / M2M / M2S / AVCHD video

I suspect that it may be a simple issue that they're using wrong tool / version given the age of the system as these are stored in a folder referring to DOS where as others are in a folder WIN where I can see .onw files.




EDIT:  Think I may have resolved this playing around with copy.  Instead of file / open if instead I do file / import I get the option to change file type.  NT20S Application is listed with associated file extension M2S.  There's also NT11 / 600 / 30/ 620 listed as well.

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You are on the right track.

The Mxx file extensions were from a previous programming software for the NT series.  The name of that software eludes me right now.

You should be able to import the files and create a .onw project file.

Hope this will help.

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