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  1. Converting NS screen to NB5 screen

    Hi There Thanks for the reply and info.
  2. Hi all Have done some very basic checks and believe that there is no straight forward conversion for this and that it would need a re-write in NB5. Other than going directly to Omron is there any freelance alternatives, UK based, that can be recommended. Thanks
  3. Edit: Fixed, was Read Only mode default
  4. E910 File extension type

    Hi Ron, Yes I was aware of this, just need to know what the file type needs to be.  Is it the video file extension
  5. E910 File extension type

    Hi All Have a customer with an E910 which is faulty.  They have sourced one from somewhere and are asking for our bespoke software to load into it. As we inherited this from another branch that closed many years ago we donot have any knowledge of this and simply provide the upgrade to E1071 which is a DAT file (using E-designe) loaded by USB stick, . Does the file for E910 also need to be a DAT file or something else?  The files for the screens are all currently as video files, type MPA   Many thanks Ian
  6. IX Developer query

    Hoping someone can help with this. We previously used E-designer to program the Mitsubihi E1041 / E1071 hmi screens which are now obsolete.   For these we use our own drivers / controllers and need to import these into IX developer to use with the suggested screen replacement. If I go to File / Update Drivers / update from file and select the .mpd file and then Install from the window I get an error titeled BEUUpdateDriver Tool1 with message Failed to Extract Drivers Any help greatly appreciated.  
  7. Resolved

  8. All, I have a customer asking me about a problem on their Omron screen.  I'm sure that it is nothing to do with our programme on it more that they are trying to do something with the screen or even CPU outside of our programmes. The full message line I can see from the screen shot is: Date/time stamp (at start), HddBcupExec,Level???,Err=70, Permission denied The ??? are characters that I can not make out I have no knowledge of these but even to my untrained eye I guess that Hdd bit is essentially Hard Disk Drive, so they are trying to write to the disk? Customer reports " the fault was generated on panel first time yesterday and today too on first morning when turn-on the machine" Any help greatly appreciated.  
  9. E1041 - Fill Overflow error message

    think I've got to the bottom of this. Customer has possibly installed a programme for the bigger E1071 screen and the graphics / layout is different so the screen is giving this message.
  10. E1041 - Fill Overflow error message

    Ok thanks.  will have them have a look.    
  11. Edit:  All, my customer has got programme loaded, however now getting the a System Error as follows Fill Overflow at 229.97   Thanks     Hi All I have a customer with a screen issue.  I've sent them the .dat file to load but the screen is not taking it. It acknowledges that a USB stick is plugged in but then just reverts back to the main screen.  The file loads perfectly when done in our test / setup screen so am at a loss as not had this before. Thanks Ian
  12. NT20 programming query

    All, Looking for some help if possible. Have a customer with an NT20-ST121-E and they recently purchased from us a replacement programme for their unit.  This was sent to them in a zip file but they have emailed me saying it's not correct.  I'm very new to these and the person who would normally handle this is not in. They're using NT-series Support Tool for Windows Ver4.8 and have sent a pic to show that this is looking for an .onw file but there is not one in our database.  The zip file contains the following 5 file extensions: M2D / M2G / M2M / M2S / AVCHD video I suspect that it may be a simple issue that they're using wrong tool / version given the age of the system as these are stored in a folder referring to DOS where as others are in a folder WIN where I can see .onw files. Thanks Ian   EDIT:  Think I may have resolved this playing around with copy.  Instead of file / open if instead I do file / import I get the option to change file type.  NT20S Application is listed with associated file extension M2S.  There's also NT11 / 600 / 30/ 620 listed as well.
  13. Not too sure if the title reflects what I'm hoping to have answered, but here goes.  If not then no issues   We use the Omron CJ1M - CPU13 to control our equipment.  On older versions of the programme file there is a trigger from a power supply that when it's seen the system shuts down where as on the new version it ignores this trigger and keeps running. We can apply a "patch" to the old programme with a CF card to update it to the current version, however the details of this are unknown (by me) and our software manager is off ill for a while. Is there a standard thing to do to create the necessary update, if that makes sense?  The original programme has the .BAK / .OPT / cx programmer files / IO tables etc (no doubt many others)  however on a previous CF card that was prepared to do tis update there are only a few different files comments - cmt file / programmes - IDX file / replace.obj - OBJ file / symbols.sym / SYM file   I have been asked to (if possible) determine the process as to get to the CF card update files.    Is this something that is done from the original programme file or  is this a completely new programme file?    Thanks Ian  
  14. I have a customer who has an old E910 screen that failed. Our option for changing this is an E1071 however having sent this to site the customer is unable to save and use the reciepes function causing him some troubles. Using E-Designer 7 when open the orginal programme file and select Project Properties I see Op Terminal is E910 6.1x so I changed this to E1071 Landscape from this list. This appears to work and it operates all ok and gives full functionality with our system and we have done several of these with no other issue reported. It may just be that other times doing this the users have not chosen to use the reciepe function hence why we have no other reports. Also on our test screen I have left the Op terminal as E910 6.1x and have been able to save a number of reciepes but it will only hold settings for a couple of them. Not sure if this is the case when Op terminal changed to E1071 as not personally tried. Any advice offered greatly appreciated Ian