Integrating VersaSafe with CPE305 PLC using Profinet

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I am trying to import versalogic inside the PME but the file extension its asking for is gefElf the one that PAC toolkit creates wheres the safety logic file i have is in vs2 format. Is there any way to convert vs2 to c format because the only way i can use my toolkit to get gefElf format is by converting from c format. I have uploaded my sample code for reference if any of you wanna see wat i m doing.

Thank you for your time.


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No time to go into detail now but you are missing something. Get the VersaSafe Integration Kit and read the instructions again. Yes, you will need a GE SSO to download it.


This manual describes integration of VersaSafe application into an RXi or RX3i control system. It contains procedural steps to implement the VersaSafe solution with the RXi / RX3i controller and Profibus/Profinet network. This manual also provides details on calculating the IO update time for VersaSafe system.

The zip folder consists of Tool chest drawer file, CSV variable file and template project for quickest integration. The toolchest drawer file is to support integration of VersaSafe application for ME earlier than Rel 7.0 SIM 7.


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Thanks a lot for a quick reply.

I posted the same question on a GE Case, and this is wat they said "We have confirmed the problem you have reported.  It seems that ME functionality is broken for this import.  PME Engineering Team is reviewing for a fix."

So i guess i have to downgrade my PME.

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