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  1. B&R C70 HMI

    I am fairly new with the B&R HMI and i am trying to achive the change page or in other terms go to secure menu when the password entry is right but i could not find any function block in the library that can be use for changing pages or nor in the visu section where i can actually set my change page datapoint.
  2. B & R Acopos Drive 1090 Lag Error

    Hi, I am current using an Acopos Drive along with their mapp layer to program a servo motor but after doing the auto tuning of the servo motor i started getting an Error code : 4007 Lag Error stop limit exceed. I guess that is because i dont have any torque on the motor or not the required torque but in auto tuning there is no feature call torque tuning as there is only position and speed with different filter. I anybody know how to get ride of that error i would really appreciate it.   Thanks 
  3. Importing VersaSafe Logic into Proficy

    Thanks a lot i didnt know it was as simple as that
  4. Importing VersaSafe Logic into Proficy

    Manual use for Integration: https://goo.gl/a8ftjM I am trying to integrate my VersaSafe with Proficy and i am following the guide provided by GE to integrate it but i am stuck on page 37 where it states that AI and AQOffset has to have a certain reference address in thsi case its %AI10100 and %AQ10100 respectively but i an getting an error while downloading to the controller that the AI exceeds it max available range which is 64. I have attached some image file showing what the problem actually is.
  5. Integrating VersaSafe with CPE305 PLC using Profinet

    RussB, Thanks a lot for a quick reply. I posted the same question on a GE Case, and this is wat they said "We have confirmed the problem you have reported.  It seems that ME functionality is broken for this import.  PME Engineering Team is reviewing for a fix." So i guess i have to downgrade my PME.
  6. I am trying to import versalogic inside the PME but the file extension its asking for is gefElf the one that PAC toolkit creates wheres the safety logic file i have is in vs2 format. Is there any way to convert vs2 to c format because the only way i can use my toolkit to get gefElf format is by converting from c format. I have uploaded my sample code for reference if any of you wanna see wat i m doing. Thank you for your time. PME & SAFETY PROGRAM.rar