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  1. Hi there, is somebody experience whereby the output of the 1769-OF4Ci is not responding on the value entered?.  Setting: 4-20mA Res: 0- 32767 - PID set whatever value I key in the output current remained.  please help. Ganie

    Then?.. what the problem?.. 
  3. Your using safety PLC, can you open the code? if not  maybe its Lock and need you to unlock before you use the Logix task monitor.
  4. Popup windows on the FT View SE v8

    used the Display Number, then call your display in the Global connection "Display" you then used either Local Tag to call it up or PLC tag to call which display you want to be active.
  5. Factroy talk SE v8.0 screen problem

    I dont understand your explanation, anyway your major screens should be set to "Replace" and your pop up to "On top", also be sure you scale your Scada screen to exact  Desktop/laptop resolution. if scaling is properly done then dont check the box (Max.. i forgot the term) when you compile your project. 
  6. Micrologix 100 RTC disable?

    you can write value on your RTC by using CPW with one shot command. been using it for my production logging and it work perfectly 
  7. Powerflex 753

    Your question may need to be expound.. is your drive Toasted?.. by saying your wire connected together, are you shorting both your UVW together?.. 
  8. RSLogix 5000: Upgrade from v20 to v21

    be mindful on Studio 5000 Revision, this new software is very critical with minor revisions if you developed your code on V20 and you open up in V20.01 it will prompt you to upgrade else it wont open, same as 21 up.. not like the older logix v19 down that minor revision is not that critical.  cheers, ganie
  9. hello, try to check MV156-EGD this is from prosoft which is a reliable partner of Rockwell Automation. it a GE Fanuc to Controllogix data exchange over ethernet. Cheers, Ganie
  10. Loses MAC address every time power goes out.

    What PLC are you using?.. i think your system is Bechkoff PLC which uses EtherCat Protocol..
  11. there are alot of options you can do, for me i would just use indirect addressing , FAL can also do your Block transfer by doing and array ..  
  12. 20-750-UFB-1

    Hi All, Anybody have used this Powerflex 755 option card( 20-750-UFB-1 )?.. im using an SEW absolute encoder with sin cos config. my question is how to Home or zero the reading, which encoder parameter should i call. Big thanks for help... Cheers
  13. Upload AddOn Fault

    happen to me, somebody converted the code to 20.03 and download it, try uploading using version 20.03 on your laptop.    cheers,   Ganie
  14. RSLogix 5000

    I believed you are Siemens user and using TIA portal where all is drag and drop, and plc   hmi program are all in one. for AB nope!.. drag and drop of the animation you need can be found in FTView studio program, while ladder or function block or other language is the rslogix 5000.