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  1. NX1p2 Webserver

    Hello,   Is there any easy way to make "HMI like webserver" for omron? I did not even found any examples how to make one. wago have very easy way to make webserver for your project. ( )   Engineers need to use Hmi rarely, so webserver would save money. Every service engineer have laptops, but are not familar with plc, so we can't give them sysmac studio.   Feels stupid to change brand because we have allready used NX1p2 in many other applications. Is there any 3rd party options for webservers?   Thanks for answers!
  2. I am exploring a new machine with NX701 CPU. If I browse to the CPU on port 80 I get an authentication popup (username / password) which suggests that there is a web server running on the CPU. I can't find the username / password on the web or in the Sysmac Studio CPU configuration. Anyone know? Many thanks.