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  1. Average value

    Hello!   Is there any FB for average value calculation?   I did add Value to int every secend and devide it value by passed secends. Only problem is that by the time goes on int will be full?      
  2. NX1P2 SIL

    Siemens S1200 safety series had one cpu with external analog I/o, but it was very expensive. Load cell in overload protection on Eot cranes is very common. 
  3. Hi! Thanks for help! Our subcontractor will help me with Q2
  4. NX1P2 SIL

    Hello!   It does not have analog input for safety.
  5. Hi!   I am new to plc-programming and i need few tips to finish my first project   question 1: What is best way to convert bool's, lint, time and real into array?     question 2: What i need to have for transferring that array into company's Http/web and how to do it? modem?   Thanks for helping!    
  6. NX1P2 SIL

    Hi! update on this case. System for this device had to be only pl C     We can use Nx1p2 cpu for "safety" systems. But we have to make external safety calculation and fulfill standard requirements. Also we need to have external Test channel.    In my case there is only one safety related analog input. We will use external Analog value switch, to fulfill standard 13849 category 2 requirements (picture in attachments). We also make sistema risk assessment for the system. If mttfd-value (mean time to dangerous failure) is high enough we can use nx1p2-cpu.   Long story shot. If you use two differend systems to monitor and control the safety system, it might be possible to use non safety rated systems.   Hope so this helps you in the future!    
  7. NX1P2 SIL

    Thanks for answering! We will use safety plc.
  8. NX1P2 SIL

    Hello! I have problem with nx1p2 SIL/pl rating. crane standard says, system have to be atleast (EN ISO 13849) PL D or (IEC 61508-1) SIL 2 rated. Did not found answer from the manual or google. Full Safety rated system is too expensive for this application.  Long story short does anyone know SLI rating for nx1p2? Is there any SIL 2 rated cpu's?