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  1. SoMachine Motion Logic Builder V4.31. Can anyone guide me on how to read the execution time of the STL logic in my application? Thanks.
  2. CompactLogix PID and .DATA[0]

    We've had intermittent trouble with a PID control loop on a simple electrical heater with RTD feedback. The heater heats a block of aluminium and disc-shaped tool which is pressed down to preheat a part. If the setpoint is 90°C the temperature might rise to 95 or 97°C and stay there. The PID.SO is remaining at 8% or so when I would expect it to drop to zero. My initial thought was that it sounded like integral windup. I'm not too familiar with the data structure but .DATA[0] looks like the integral value. It was at 44 so I set it to zero and the loop has stabilised with DATA[0] at about 0.02. Has anyone any wisdom to offer on this? Is there any good anti-windup practice (if that's what I'm seeing)? Many thanks.
  3. CX-Supervisor Version 3.50(7) on Windows 7. I've just had a vendor add a function to a HMI. It's a single button to save the recipe and it's near the bottom centre of the screen. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it works if I slide my finger around on it. Usually it doesn't work. It always works if I use a VNC viewer and press the button remotely. The PC has two touch monitors (on VGA splitter). Both monitors have the same problem. If I run PBrush (Paint) I can draw all over that area of the screen without missing a pixel. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? And, more importantly, how did you fix it? Thanks.
  4. This is hard work! I've installed the CODESYS OPC Server V3 in the hope of using it to communicate with my Schneider PacDrive LMC. Apparently the PLC doesn't support OPC tag browsing so I need to export the symbols from the SoMachine Motion project file in a format that the OPC server can use. I've got the Symbol Configuration panel open and can see the symbol tree. What do I do next?
  5. I wish to print from a Panelview Plus 7 1500 to a Konica Minolta 'bizhub' 4402P. The printer is not on the same network as the machine but is reachable through a router to the corporate network. I already have this working on one machine but don't know how we succeeded in setting it up. The setup that works is: Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard (it's actually a Konica Minolta 4402P). Model: Color LaserJet 3800. Port  10.xx.xx.xx (the WAN address of the printer). Driver: wt5hpspd.dll (v52.1070) We never had a Color LaserJet 3800 but we may have had a black and white HP laser printer that worked with this driver and now works with the Konica when our IT department replaced it. When using Add Printer the system tries to connect with the specified IP address and fails (even though we can ping it) and then the drive installation stops. Does anyone know a way to force the installation so I can try to replicate the working setup?  
  6. I don't know. I'm using the NX701 and it doesn't have the OPC server.  
  7. I can confirm that. The next release is scheduled for October. You might be able to get a beta version from them with a fix.
  8. Hi, Berti. I upgraded both to V3.41 and it seems to be solved along with a few other issues. Of course, it introduces new ones ... Many thanks.
  9. I have a legacy application with [PRINT] buttons on many of the screens. The screens are very simple with text and boxes as frames around the text. The [Print] button calls the CX-Supervisor script: where FALSE suppresses the print dialog. Figure 1. One of eight of the temperature control boxes. I have upgraded to CX-Supervisor 3.41 Developer and Runtime for a couple of modifications. Now when we print the text comes out OK but the graphics (the boxes) are about eight times the correct size and overlay the text. This happens when printing to the printer and to XPS. Figure 2. The eight temperature texts and the giant boxes on an A4 XPS file. (It's the same when printed directly to printer.) Has anyone seen anything similar? Is there a fix? Many thanks.
  10. I've added users in CX-Supervisor Developer, built and copied the SR3 file over but the new users don't travel with it. (I didn't think they should be embedded in the project file.) How do I transfer the user accounts from Developer to Runtime?
  11. CX-Supervisor Developer 3.41 on development laptop. CX-Supervisor Runtime Only V3.4.1.0 on machine HMI. SYSMAC Gateway V1.7 on machine HMI. Following on from Developer V3.4 generates .SR3 files rather than the older .SR2 files. After my Runtime upgrade neither the old SR2 program or the new SR3 program seem to communicate via the SYSMAC Gateway which is running (and passes the comms test) on the HMI. It works on the development laptop. Has anyone got any suggestions?
  12. I hadn't realised that I needed to run the SYSMAC Gateway. That solved it. Many thanks.
  13. I'm an experienced PLC / HMI developer but not very familiar with CX-Supervisor. I'm modifying a program with CX-Supervisor Version 3.41 and all is well until I try to test it. The runtime builds and starts but the PLC point data is all zeros. I'm developing on my laptop, plugged into the machine network where the HMI is running the previous program version. Can my modified program talk to the NX701 PLC while the HMI is talking too? Is there some trick to starting the Developer Runtime that I'm missing? Many thanks.
  14. How do we debug scripts in CX-Supervisor Developer?

    Thanks for that. I was coming to the same conclusion. Two problems: 1. Most of the scripting is done in CX rather than VB. How do I use MsgBox in CX? It seems to be a VB control. `@VBSCRIPT`? I can use LogEvent to output a string but I haven't figured out how to include a variable. (Again, this is CX scripting.) FOR i = 0 TO 9 LogEvent( Recipe[i] ) 'Works. LogEvent( i & Recipe[i] ) 'Doesn't work. LogEvent( ValueToText(i) & Recipe[i] ) 'Doesn't work. NEXT I'm a bit unclear as to which functions can be used in CX-Supervisor Script. Any ideas?
  15. I'm modifying an existing application and need to expand some recipe arrays. Runtime is throwing an error on the last element of the original array (elements 0 to 137 and I have expanded to 199). Is there any way to add a breakpoint into the code to see what's happening? How does anyone else do it? Many thanks.