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  1. I want to unify my programs and select only configuration words (the same program for many applications) . My problem is with the assigned outputs by the high-speed pulse output like PLS2, ACC, ORG ... I thing that the instructions JMP/JME may allows to use these outputs as normal outputs when HSPO functions is not required. Is it right ?
  2. Hi... Trying to keep it simple: Want to make a G5 incremental motor wiggle, CW/CCW in a sine wave motion, Thought this might work:                                                   The variable,  "Angle" is REAL, Phase1 is REAL, AMP1 is LREAL, CSINE is LREAL .. Sysmac doesn't like "Angle" in the FOR statement .. Anyone know why..? Thanks Much, Regards, Michael
  3. Omron CP1E - Jump Ins.

    Hello Everyone, Good Afternoon, I need help from programming with omron plc which is named CP1E, Mainly working with jump instructions, Thank you.
  4. Hello i need to write a very long net in unity pro, the maximum length is 11, can I continue the net in the net below net using a conditional jump to a label? I have been trying but it doesn´t work, the net below is executed dispite the net above is not true as seen in the image attached, can anyone tell me how to continue a net that is too long? Thanks
  5. I have a simple St code ! Which in it I used JMP but it gives me error " E1206 usage of jump statements is disabled" Please HELP. if Period = t#0s then JMP SkipLogic; end_if; RecycleTimer(NOT RecycleTimer.Q, Period); if RecycleTimer.Q then PeriodCapture := IN; end_if; PeriodDelta := ABS(PeriodCapture - IN); Alarm := PeriodDelta > Delta; SkipLogic: E1206 usage of jump statements is disabled