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  2. I need an Instructor for Unity Pro and M340.

    Just came back to this website . Never is tool late . Still love to learn everything about Unity . Lookng forward to see your respond. My email is :

    I have an Old OIT (Brand name is IDEC) which the screen is dead. I ve got an other OIT To replace it . but I need the progrgram to be donload from the previous one and upload to the new one. Does anybody know which software I can program IDEC OIT ? Any help? Appreciated. Sarah.
  4. How to Export Vijeo Variables to an Excel Sheet?

    you are a life saver Thanks
  5. How to Export Vijeo Variables to an Excel Sheet? Thanks
  6. Urgent plez. External I/O Cards config

    BMX PRA 0100 yes , you are right i need "BMX PRA 0100" which i'm going to ask Design department change their equipment and instead of " NOE 100.2" give me one of "BMX PRA 0100".in order for me to program two cabinets(one with PLC and the other with out PLC- just remote I/O).
  7. I have a rack with PLC and Ethernet card and I/O cards . I have an other rack with out PLC , Just I/O cards and Ethernet . I must be able to read the data from other rack through ethernet . How to config those external card into my plc . M340 Ethernet Remote I/O Any help or link or pdf is appreciated in advanced. Thanks
  8. How to save vijeo Project on other Version of this program (lower Verion)? Any Help Appreciated.
  9. Lead/Lag Pumps

    Admin , Please Give me respond . i need it today.
  10. Dear All. I need an Instructor to teach me Unity Pro XL Programming used in M340. I am willing to pay whatever you ask for it. It can also be off line by Emails or whatever your Schedule works best. I need a coach trough out my Start and competition of the project. Thanks in advance.
  11. Lead/Lag Pumps

    Thank Admin, Is it in FBD or LD ?
  12. Any one have a simple Lead /lag pump FBD in Unity? just want to take a looke at the process. Thanks in Advanced
  13. Megalis HMIGTO5310 IP Address

    There is no Program on it. even when the bought it .
  14. How to change Magelis Date and Time?

    I don't have the access to system Menu. Please instruct.
  15. How to change Magelis Date and Time?

    it is Magellis GTO 5310. Please help. Thanks