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  1. Hi there, I need help. I have a Shihlin AX2N-32mr, it was working properly but after its battery got dead, its Prog light blinks. I replaced the battery, then the battery light turned off, but the Prog light is still blinking, I have checked all input and outputs, all of the switches work. Also, there is a message on display which is in Chinese and I can't translate it. it looks like a warning. Thank you.
  2. Hi fellow PLC veterans, I am new in the PLC world so please forgive me if my questions read dumb to you..   I am just wondering if there are any newer PLC machines that can: 1. keep the program even after its battery is completely flat or faulty  (Is this even possible?) 2. allow users to copy and save the program somewhere so one can install the program again without the need/presence of the machine supplier What tools/software may be required?   Thank you for reading and look forward to your response :)
  3. Shihlin Ax series

    Hi, I am installing a Shihlin AX1n-40MR-ES into a Taiwanese machine tool at my factory. This will be the 3rd PLC purchased from the original manufacturer to put into this decades old machine due to obsolescence and battery failures. The manufacturer of the machine tool has always refused to share the ladder logic or any of the programming. Mainly I work in Automation Direct PLC's with occasional forays into AB. I am done with relying on the tool builder. I know this PLC is basically a Mitsubishi PLC and I will get the correct cable to extract the program (SC-09) but I would like to know the least expensive alternative of software to extract the program. I would be fine with a graphical representation of the ladder diagram and then I can develop a program using my own tools and hardware.  Any help will be greatly appreciated. Greg
  4. Hi, This is my first time to start an actual project. I have some basic to intermediate programming background with Seimens PLC in the past but with no work experience. I bought an old bandsaw machine for a very cheap price. It works fine on manual operations but I want to try and test if I can make the fully automatic function back. The current PLC installed in the machine is a Shihlin Electric SEPLC A1-30MR. It look old and the port is not familiar to me. I also have no idea if I can even get the program inside or not. Thus, I plan to replace the old PLC with a new one. Here are my questions. Should I use a PLC or can I just use a digital controller like Logo ? I need to use a loop for counting how many cuts it should do. And how many times the machine should repeat the push of my stock out per cut. What else should I consider when choosing a PLC or digital controller?   Thank you in advance. 
  5. Shihlin Electric AX0S-30MR-ES

    Hello everyone,  i have plc shihlin electric AX0S-30MR-ES problem, it is not working at all,  how can i get the program that is inside of it, so that i can place a new one with the function that i want. please advice.
  6. Shihlin AX2-32MR

    Hello Please, please help me in the fastest time Shihlin AX2-32MR  / The battery was changed for the first time, and surprised the problem of the pieces in the program and that the data has been fully erased I would like to help me everyone in the data file and program your freelancer Software