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  1. Can anyone guide me on how to choose a PLC?

    Hi Crossbow, Thank you for your reply. I got some more newbie question. We do not have the face mounted console thing. The battery is dead when it checked it. Is it safe to say that the program in the PLC is gone once the battery died out? Correct me if I am wrong, but the difference between PLC and smart relay is that PLC can do arithmetic? Is it safe to say that if I do not have any analog inputs or outputs need, I can just use a smart relay instead of PLC? Do you have other brands aside from Seimens that you can recommend that uses ladder? Something cheaper but gets the job done. I just need to get the relays, limit switches, and solenoid working together. Are there any free software to program a PLC? Or we really need to buy the software from the company that made the PLC?  
  2. Hi, This is my first time to start an actual project. I have some basic to intermediate programming background with Seimens PLC in the past but with no work experience. I bought an old bandsaw machine for a very cheap price. It works fine on manual operations but I want to try and test if I can make the fully automatic function back. The current PLC installed in the machine is a Shihlin Electric SEPLC A1-30MR. It look old and the port is not familiar to me. I also have no idea if I can even get the program inside or not. Thus, I plan to replace the old PLC with a new one. Here are my questions. Should I use a PLC or can I just use a digital controller like Logo ? I need to use a loop for counting how many cuts it should do. And how many times the machine should repeat the push of my stock out per cut. What else should I consider when choosing a PLC or digital controller?   Thank you in advance. 
  3. Software for Shihlin

    Is A-30MR similar to A1-30MR? Is there a way to download the program from the PLC? What cable should I use? If I want to edit the PLC code, what software can I use to edit and upload the new program? If the battery of the PLC is dead, will it erase the program inside the PLC?