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  1. Facility where I recently started working has several "ancient" Moore APACS DCS systems.  The resident guru/expert has announced that after 40+ years with the company he'll retire next year.  The existing engineering team I joined was slowly converting from APACS to ControlLogix and this effort will get more attention now obviously.  Recently our Schneider Service Rep mentioned that they have an upgrade path for APACS to current tech with no re-wiring required.  The presentation was impressive as you would expect.  But I am wondering, anyone out there who has actually worked Moore APACS and Upgraded to Schneider Ecostruxure and care to share your joys and heartaches of that trip?
  2. Please let us know if anyone needs to have their Siemens Moore Mycro controller repaired. We can repair these for you depending on the model. 352EA21NNF, 352EA21N1F, 352BA etc. We can also repair the power supplies that go with them and can upgrade the unit from B level to C level software. If you would like a free quote please contact us at  or visit us at All repairs come with a full 1-Year warranty and also include a complete refurbishment and testing to extend your units life cycle. Any member of this site will also get a twenty percent discount on these units. Thank you, Otto Automation
  3. Siemens Moore Mycro 352

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the configuration software or the manual for Siemens Moore 352 and 353 digital loop controllers? I would be willing to purchase the software if anyone has a copy. Thank you.