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  1. Hello all I am have FX3G PLC, where i am trying to use SPD function for speed monitoring and controling. currently i am working on software only. I am using x4 as input (s1) , sk1000 (s2), and d4 (D) in monitoring mode when i am forcing X4 to ON/OFF ,  there is no any value change occure on d4 i have tried to change the s2 value from k1000 to k10000, but not fruitful i need your valuable support to confirm that my primary setup is correct or not and what things are required/missing attached program screeshot  
  2. GX Works 2

    Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction to retrieve the manual for GX works2 help for FXCPU. I have tried to find it on mymitsubishi account under downloads for manuals but unsuccessful. Im trying to understand a section of a plc and going through help comes up with the following message