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  1. Support Required in Using SPD function

    Good Day sir, First of all i would like to say thank you for your response on my post. I have one query , regarded the SPD function, is it possible to simulate like forcing ON/OFF the input used for SPD and get result at out put. what i cam to know from that it require a minimum frequency at input which can not be achieved by manually forcing ON/OFF the input (e.g X004) of SPD If it really require a minimum frequency at input, then is there any way to simulate an input with particular frequency (without hardware
  2. Support Required in Using SPD function

    That means forcing ON/OFF wont give me any value at output?
  3. Hello all I am have FX3G PLC, where i am trying to use SPD function for speed monitoring and controling. currently i am working on software only. I am using x4 as input (s1) , sk1000 (s2), and d4 (D) in monitoring mode when i am forcing X4 to ON/OFF ,  there is no any value change occure on d4 i have tried to change the s2 value from k1000 to k10000, but not fruitful i need your valuable support to confirm that my primary setup is correct or not and what things are required/missing attached program screeshot  
  4. Beginner Support Required

    Thanks Dear, i will go through this in details
  5. Beginner Support Required

    Greetings to all i am new in this forum and new to the PLC world as well i have seen the various response of active members of this forums I am looking for some guidance for my Mitsubishi FXCPU: I want to configure analog Input and output, how do i know the point/channel to call for AI/AO, whether it is specific or general? looking for valuable responses Thanks