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  1. logix 5000 array

    Hi Guys! I have a problem with array filling. I use rslogix 5000 software. I have to save the timestamp sometimes. I can save it with GET instruciton. Its a dint array which have 7 elements (year, month, day....and so on),  But my problem is I dont know, how can I solve that, they are in a bigger array. So like an array within the array. Idk it is possible ? I hope you know how I mean.  So I have 7 dint value in one array, and I want 1000 array for this. How can increase the position of the array number ?  Can anybody help me with that ?  Thank you in advance.  
  2. Logix 5000, Array filling

    Hi there! I have a question with AB PLC. My problem:  I have some raw data...distance for example.When the machine starts,the sensor begins to send the information with the distance values. When data is received it is moved into an array. After the first 5 values the program calculates an average and the result is moved into another array.Currently after receiving the fifth value,thus filling the first array,making the calculation and sending the average to the other array,the program empties the entire first array instead of just always discarding the oldest value of the five,and recalculating the average with the newly arrived value every time. I tried to made this with ladder diagram using an an fifo load and unload but isnt working. Please help me if anybody can. Thank You.
  3. Gradient Fill on PV7

    Hallo Community, i have the Problem that my complete project is made with grandient objects and my PV cant display that. When i was making a runtime application i got some warnings. "<MomentaryPushButton2> on display <Allgemein - PackML_State_Time> is using a Gradient Fill. When running the MER on a PanelView Plus 6 terminal, the system cannot process certain gradient fills. When running the MER on a computer, the system can process all gradient fills, this warning does not apply. Please refer to the online help for more detail on this warning." I got this message for every button on every side. The problem is that i dont use PV6 and because of that i thought its ok to ignore the warnings but on PV7 i have also no grandient and my objects are all blank now. Did i make something wrong? Thanks in advance!   Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Best regards Adrian Düringer