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  1. D memory data not moving into instructions

    Already done.
  2. D memory data not moving into instructions

    It defaults back to HEX which is where the problem lies. 1+1=10 4x4=10 are statements people here can understand and deal with. The end user will not be able to understand that if he wants to set range to 800 at the lower end then they need to enter 320.
  3. D memory data not moving into instructions

    I'm using D table, DM, values to set timer presets and limit values.
  4. Limit

    This is really testing my AB minded way of doing things! I've used the > and < instructions and have achieved my goal.
  5. D memory data not moving into instructions

    Timer values I wouldn't expect to exceed 500. However, I'm using the DM values to set range which I expect to be 800 to 1000. This value could double depending on how the machine is used.
  6. D memory data not moving into instructions

    My goal isn't to load the values on startup it's to allow the end user to set parameters. They will easily understand values entered in decimal, not in HEX.
  7. D memory data not moving into instructions

    Yes, in fact I've been through this section. While it does allow you to change the numbering system for display it doesn't retain that change. I'm finding the manual is missing or has incorrect information in a number of places. For instance the analog setup, display screen setup and explanations of instructions. Thanks for the help!
  8. D memory data not moving into instructions

    Okay so I have it figured out, 1 bit of information per line, description and the corresponding data take 2 lines. So each screen can only display 2 values and their associated descriptions. That N needs to change to a Y for the screen to display. That is figured out, what I still need to figure out is how to change the DM entry to & decimal instead of # HEX.
  9. D memory data not moving into instructions

    This is what I've been going through, see attached pictures. What the manual doesn't talk about is the Y between Setup and No01. That was an N and when I changed it the screen would then appear. I setup four lines for screen 1, manual says 4 are allowed. See the resulting screen. 2 lines are missing.  
  10. D memory data not moving into instructions

    So there is a letter on the first line of the setup screen that is by default N, you need to change that to Y. When you escape back to the main default screen you can then cursor through the screens. Problem is I set up 4 lines and only 2 show up? Still also trying to figure out how to change the numbering system in DM screen to decimal so that the operator can understand what the number represents. Not everyone understands 4x4=10!
  11. D memory data not moving into instructions

    Perhaps, I've tried twice now setting up a user screen 1 and 2 per the example. When I back out to the UserMonitor screen it does not appear to have the option to change screen setups as the manual suggests.  
  12. D memory data not moving into instructions

    So I read section 8 as suggested and setup my 8 words in decimal and gave them names. At the end of the example on page 501-503 step 18 says to ESC twice and use the down arrow to change to User Monitor Screen 2. This does not appear to be an available option. When I follow the steps to go back in and set the values they are still as they should be. What am I getting wrong here?
  13. Limit

    The instruction information for LMT mentions flags that are turned on for > and < conditions. Where do these appear and are they single bits?
  14. Limit

    Looking to set a limit in my logic that returns a bit if my process value falls between the lower and upper limit values. Looking at LMT(680) but it does not appear that it switches a bit just passes the value through. Any ideas?