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  1. Flip flop in structured text

    every second pulse is fine, our machines complete a cycle in around 2 seconds, we only need to know roughly how fast its operating and it doesnt need immediate updates
  2. Flip flop in structured text

    hmm i think ive made an error there in stopping the timer, not sure of the best solution  
  3. Flip flop in structured text

    does this look right? im gonna go test with it now but i find it really hard to monitor ST and see the problem head_go_pls = input pulse timer_start = start timer timer_snap = move the current time so that its stored pulse:= Head_go_pls AND NOT flip_flop_bit; flip_flop_bit:= Head_go_pls; IF pulse THEN     Timer_snap:= Cycle_timer.PV;     Timer_start:= NOT Timer_start; END_IF; TIMHX(Timer_start, Cycle_timer,500); Cycle_time_bin:= (500-Timer_snap); Cycle_time_real:= one_minute/Cycle_time_bin; Cans_per_min:= Cycle_time_real*Index_amount;
  4. Flip flop in structured text

    ah great, at the end of the timer it it subtracts from the total time to display time it takes for a cycle
  5. Flip flop in structured text

    Hi all i've been trying to make a simple timer in structured text which is turned on and off by a single input, all instances of flip flops i have found seem to be 2 input. any help or examples would be appreciated example of programs; Pulse signal received, start timer Pulse signal received stop timer
  6. Can you use internal plc bits in function blocks?

    just to double check this works for clock pulses too? if i put CF102 in the address for 1 second pulse that should be fine?
  7. Can you use internal plc bits in function blocks?

    ye thats all i needed to know thanks, will be a bit easier to convert some ugly code now with alot less inputs
  8. Hi all is it possible to use the internal date of a plc in a function block without setting it as an input for the function block? for instance i have some logic to do something inbetween lets say 10:00 and 16:00 o'clock am i able to use those internals bits of the plc where the time is stored without inputting them to the function block and using them internally?   thanks
  9. setting date cp1l

    ive got it doing what i want it to now via the MOVD instructions settings the bytes for the DATE instruction and have reassigned words to make it a bit nicer, i would still like to know if there is a way of altering bytes in nb designer. while im on the topic, is there a tick box somewhere for numerical displays which makes it always show zeros in front of a number? for instance i am displaying date here and displays it as 24/6/20 but i would much rather it be 24/06/20
  10. setting date cp1l

    yes i need to tie it to the PLC unfortunately, its for controlling operation of a machine through throughout the week. the plc time needs to be adjusted by operators for different time zones and converting from GMT to BST etc
  11. setting date cp1l

    Hi all im currently using the DATE instruction to set the PLC's date and time via the HMI which is an NB7W which i have working but i am currently setting each byte of the words being used in DATE by using numerical inputs in NB designer and entering integer and decimal to set these bits in DATE and its a bit ugly to say the least. is there a way on nb designer to only modify bytes or am i going to have to used full words on nb designer and use MOVD in cx programmer to assign them to their correct byte CURRENT SETUP always on DATE using d50=d53  
  12. inv002_refresh scanlist

    i see, thank you
  13. inv002_refresh scanlist

    i think i get it now that is actually bit 2 and 15 right? so do they ignore the first bit for the node value? so if i want node 1,2 and 3 active i would need 1110 which would be #E right?
  14. inv002_refresh scanlist

    Hi all Can someone please clear the scanlist value up for me which is part of the INV002 function block the documentation says that whatever nodes you have assigned are what bits you need enabled in the scan list they give the example of node 1 and node 14 being used from this they get a scan list of #4002, where does this number come from? for my next job i will be using 3 inverters and am not sure what my scanlist should be
  15. GX Works2 installation problem

    i am having this same problem if any1 managed to fix it, installing IQ works on a win10 pc, disc 1 worked fine and installed gx works and gx developer no problem, but then i get the error on other discs saying something hasnt been installed correctly and to restart