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  1. NA Dynamic button text?

    Does anybody have a live link or the example they can share here? the website linked in seems like the domain has been sniped
  2. Netbiter read from CJ2M

    Netbiter do not support fins sadly, i have confirmed with omron and netbiter what pturmel says which is they do not support the service codes the CJ series use. now to fight with modbus a bit instead...
  3. Netbiter read from CJ2M

    I tried using: Class: C4 Instance:00 Attribute:64 attempting to read the PLC run mode which reads 4 through the netbiter, when the PLC is in run and 1 when it is in program mode so could we assume this only uses service code 0E? I also tried to publish the tag but it returns as an "unknown connection error" This is a CJ2M-CPU32
  4. Netbiter read from CJ2M

    This one page 252 and onwards
  5. Netbiter read from CJ2M

    I am getting some kind of reading with the settings above as i am getting a "too much data" error and not a no connection or system offline
  6. Netbiter read from CJ2M

    Manual Easy connect starter guide   None of it covers in any great detail how to read from a PLC on ethernet/ip, i have just had a reply from my HMS support ticket saying they are not sure its possible from omrons side " Im not sure that the Netbiter actually supports the Omron device, be aware that the Netbiter is an EtherNet/IP Scanner that only support UCMM. Scanners normally support both Class 1 and class 3 connections but not this one. Scanner = Master on Ethernet/IP language. This only possible to reach on the LAN-port of the Netbiter. I know that from the beginning this was developed to be able to reach some Allen-Bradley PLCs.. How the Omron PLC works, I do not know, better ask Omron regards to that.  "   Sadly my usual omron contact has just gone on holiday so im waiting to hear from another I have been getting my information for the CJ2M from the CS and CJ series Ethernet/ip manual section 9-2 page 260 it is possible the options available on the netbiter just dont sync up with the omron requirements
  7. Netbiter read from CJ2M

    I see on the forum there are a couple of mentions of netbiter and they seem positive, ive just got one and do not understand how the messaging works. I have tried creating a template just to read D0, i believe i have setup all my IP settings correctly but i am not certain, they are on the same address range for sure. If anyone has used this before and could point me in the right direction that would be great  
  8. NB designer save multiple screenshots

    thats a shame, the NA screens are more powerful than we really need, we only need simple controls on our HMI such as timer changes and option toggles, i've been slowly adding some more features here and there to try and provide the customers with more data, but for now we are sticking with the budget option
  9. NB designer save multiple screenshots

    so i did solve this by creating a program cycle that changes page, takes a screenshot, changes page, takes a screenshot, etc, etc. i think i would still prefer that all screens were just dumped to USB via a button press but this will do if that's not possible
  10. Hello all I am trying to figure out if its possible to save a screenshot of every screen on a HMI to usb at the same time, so i have currently created a button on a screen that saves the screenshot to external memory, is it possible to make it save a screenshot for every screen instead of just one? maybe i would have to create a kind of function on the plc that cycles through the pages and then takes a screenshot of each? any help would be appreciated currently using a NB7W and a CJ2 cpu 31 although it would be nice for this to work with everything
  11. Slow NB7 HMI via Ethernet

    I have had this when the node address doesn't match the IP addresses last digits, worth checking
  12. String shift register

    Ok i got this working nicely now, thanks all. for any1 using NB designer the text box needs to have high and low bytes swapped ticked to display correctly
  13. String shift register

    Yes that should be fine for MOV$ i just need to reserve a word to be 00 or null, how do i force a null in?
  14. String shift register

    unfortunately i wont be able to test it for a while, i only have CP1L's on hand at the moment so its gonna be a while getting a cj2m now. i think the block will do what i need it to for the writing to memory card, i am only moving 16 characters so 8 or 9 words is all i need. i think i will need to use MOV$ for displaying the latest input into the file on the HMI, its all sounding a bit easy though lol. bit annoying that i cant test but oh well.
  15. String shift register

    in terms of the memory card i have just been shown this function block which by my understanding just adds the data if overwrite is set to 0 so a shift register should not be required