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  1. mx2 control with modbus

    Hi all im back to trying to get my inverter to work but this time with modbus, from this post and im stumped, im sure its just one thing somewhere messing it up i have a cp1l-el20 with a cp1w-cif11 and a 3g3mx2 inverter and am attempting to control it via modbus, it is wired up as follows, sp+ to RDB+, sn- to RDA-, common to the plc pin and plc output pin 100.00 to logic input 1. im using 100.00 to put it into run mode the paremeters ive put in are a1=3,a2=1, a4=50, c070=3, c071=5,c072=1, c074=00, c075=1, b27=1. im using MOV to set my speed to d1001 attached is my inv002_refresh x31 fb thanks to any1 who can see my silly mistake    
  2. NB designer save multiple screenshots

    thats a shame, the NA screens are more powerful than we really need, we only need simple controls on our HMI such as timer changes and option toggles, i've been slowly adding some more features here and there to try and provide the customers with more data, but for now we are sticking with the budget option
  3. Hello all I am trying to figure out if its possible to save a screenshot of every screen on a HMI to usb at the same time, so i have currently created a button on a screen that saves the screenshot to external memory, is it possible to make it save a screenshot for every screen instead of just one? maybe i would have to create a kind of function on the plc that cycles through the pages and then takes a screenshot of each? any help would be appreciated currently using a NB7W and a CJ2 cpu 31 although it would be nice for this to work with everything
  4. NB designer save multiple screenshots

    so i did solve this by creating a program cycle that changes page, takes a screenshot, changes page, takes a screenshot, etc, etc. i think i would still prefer that all screens were just dumped to USB via a button press but this will do if that's not possible
  5. Slow NB7 HMI via Ethernet

    I have had this when the node address doesn't match the IP addresses last digits, worth checking
  6. setting date cp1l

    Hi all im currently using the DATE instruction to set the PLC's date and time via the HMI which is an NB7W which i have working but i am currently setting each byte of the words being used in DATE by using numerical inputs in NB designer and entering integer and decimal to set these bits in DATE and its a bit ugly to say the least. is there a way on nb designer to only modify bytes or am i going to have to used full words on nb designer and use MOVD in cx programmer to assign them to their correct byte CURRENT SETUP always on DATE using d50=d53  
  7. String shift register

    Ok i got this working nicely now, thanks all. for any1 using NB designer the text box needs to have high and low bytes swapped ticked to display correctly
  8. String shift register

    Hello all thanks to bits n bytes's date and time to string converter here i have made a nice string output function block for the PLC date and time that i will attach. I'm now wandering how to shift this into a memory card as well as display it on a NB screen. for the NB screen i think i can just used a text box to display the code using 8 words, i sadly dont have a CJ2M plc with me at the moment so i cannot test. for the memory card i have not used these at all yet, is there a special shift register for strings? i cant seem to find it. i will be using this simply for a checklist on the HMI where an operator goes through the list of tasks to perform and ticks them off on the HMI which then logs the time and date they were completed at. do i need to create a shift register using MOV$ with a @destination and increase the count of the destination witch each input? Thanks in advance Date_and_time_string_convert.cxf
  9. String shift register

    Yes that should be fine for MOV$ i just need to reserve a word to be 00 or null, how do i force a null in?
  10. String shift register

    unfortunately i wont be able to test it for a while, i only have CP1L's on hand at the moment so its gonna be a while getting a cj2m now. i think the block will do what i need it to for the writing to memory card, i am only moving 16 characters so 8 or 9 words is all i need. i think i will need to use MOV$ for displaying the latest input into the file on the HMI, its all sounding a bit easy though lol. bit annoying that i cant test but oh well.
  11. String shift register

    in terms of the memory card i have just been shown this function block which by my understanding just adds the data if overwrite is set to 0 so a shift register should not be required
  12. one plc connected to 2 different NB programs

    sorry for a very late reply, i have been away on site :S they were communicating over a LAN network. i dont think i explained this very well originally, i did attempt to get it to work but couldn't figure it out at the time. so to reexplain a bit better. i had a CJ2M working with a NB7W HMI and a CP1l with a NB5W HMI, they are all on the same network. both of these PLC's were operating independently with their respective HMI. I wanted to also use the NB7W to connect to the CP1L as well to read some of its CIO bits. when i tried it i ended up with a network error and it was towards the end of production so i didnt have much time to play with it, thinking back it could have been due to me addressing the nodes and such inccorectly but maybe also it just wasnt possible to do like that.
  13. HI everyone i was wondering if i could connect a cp1l-el to 2 different NB screens running 2 different programs. we have a main line HMI which displays the health of the entire line with its own cj2m plc, we also have a machine which is part of the line that has its own plc(CP1l-EL) and HMI. is it possible for me to include the cp1l in the main lines HMI so that it can display the status of that machine? or will it cause issues because it already has a program attached to it. i dont know exactly how the NB program works does it just read the bits of data it needs to or is it constantly looking at the whole plc data list?
  14. Hi all I was being really clever and suggested i add a list of preset settings to a line which every1 seemed thrilled with. however the amount of tedium has just dawned on me. im hoping theres a better way to go about this. the main idea is that we have a line controlled from a cj2m which has around 150 changeable settings including things like conveyor speeds, pump filling times.. waiting times etc.. i have done this in smaller scale before where we had changeable pumps, when pump 1 was connected i used the MOV function to load pump 1's data into the correct words. and in NB designer i had layered multiple number input boxes each displaying only when its own pump was connected. any ideas would be great
  15. making preset settings in cx programmer

    i got some help from for this and this is the solution that looks the best. on the NB designer number inputs there is a tickbox for use index, this index is directed at d2999, a value will be moved into this which will be 0,200,400..etc the first number input is directed to d3001, so when the index value is changed from 0-200 the first number input will instead look at d3201. a drop down menu will be used on the NB HMI to change the value of word d2998 0-9, this value will be used to change the index amount with a multiplier, 0x200=0, 1x200=200, 2x200=400...etc then using XFER if d2998=0 XFER d3001-d3201 to the actual data location d100
  16. HI all i was wondering if it might be possible to edit the name of a word switches state. I'm creating blank presets for a machine lets say 1-10, i would like to use the drop down word switch which would display preset 1-10. is it then possible to edit preset 1's name to something like "8mm diameter" by using the notepad function on nb designer and directing that to some location on the plc? any idea or different methods would be great, or even if its not possible. thanks
  17. Manual writing software

    yes thats my biggest gripe with word, it is very awkward to add images to
  18. Manual writing software

    Hi all ive been writing a few manuals for my HMI screens recently and there has to be a better way that what im doing on word. i take a screenshot from the HMI and label the buttons and put explanations underneath, if the website lets me i will add a screenshot. i would like to know what you guys do in terms of this kinda stuff? there's probably an easier way to do it in word or something or maybe you use specialized software, i would love to know.
  19. Flip flop in structured text

    i found a work around for timers here posted by roze on this forum, still cant link sadly but that will only work for timers completing i think
  20. Flip flop in structured text

    Hi all i've been trying to make a simple timer in structured text which is turned on and off by a single input, all instances of flip flops i have found seem to be 2 input. any help or examples would be appreciated example of programs; Pulse signal received, start timer Pulse signal received stop timer
  21. Flip flop in structured text

    anyway for this to work on a cp1l? i am very happy with the program though, thank you very much. i work with CJ2M around 80% of the time and CP1L the rest of the time, im fine with doing the CP1L version differently if needed
  22. Flip flop in structured text

    realised my mistake, the error was caused by me putting the FB onto a test plc i have which is cp1l and not cj2m, cp1l does not use timer type in FB. so now its working but it seems to be quite inaccurate, but it does seems to be scaled so this can probable be fixed with maths. im using a TIM block to trigger this now with #40 on the input, the block is activating correctly but for #40 im getting a result of 6 seconds, and for #10 i was getting a result of 1.5 so it seems to be 50% out, im not sure why this is the case.   yes after some testing it does seems to be 50% out, i changed the dividing value to 1500 from 1000 and now its accurate, whats causing this difference though?
  23. Pressure transmitter drift

    im fairly sure the analog input is configured correctly as there is another transmitter working on it correctly. the transmitter should be linear yes,those 2 readings are just a couple i wrote down, we did go up and down the range and raw data would get further and further away as the pressure was increased, using a scaling function block that is proved to work, it would be correct scaling around 9 or so bar and then vary more and more as it raised. when i go back on site i will be testing with an amp meter, unfortunatley i dont have a amp generator or analog output unit i could use to prove the analog unit. i have tested the same transmitter with the same function block just now and the readings were perfect 1 to 1, 1 bar = 100 raw data sadly i didnt install this and couldnt say about the wiring, i believe its only 2 wire so i would doubt thats been done wrong, and the analog unit settings look fine to me
  24. Pressure transmitter drift

    Hello all this isnt strictly omron/programmer but has anyone used much in the way of pressure transmitters? we have a wika s-11 pressure transmitter on one of our machines installed roughly 7 months ago where the scaling does not seem to be linear, i only started working here around that time so i dont know how it was installed etc. but its a 0-40 bar 4-20mA transmitter connected to an ad081 4000 resolution connected to a cj2m. so the conversion should be nice and easy 100 raw data = 1 bar however it seems to be scaling logarithmicly to me as we checked with a 2 different guages and when they were at 2 bar the transmitter was showing 137 raw data and at 8 bar it was showing 737 raw data and this seems to keep scaling in this fashion as we get to higher bar. is this a common fault on transmitters? is there anything else that could be causing this? how often would you normally expect a transmitter to last? i checked my scaling FB on another transmitter connected to a compressor and it worked correctly so its not the maths used   thanks in advance
  25. email is