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  1. i write %MW1:X16 this is not working showing error no suggestion. only available %MW1:X0 to %MW1:X15 not  %MW1:X16
  2. hi sir  what about more than 16 address like from 0016 to 0040 this address how can write??? because there only Available  %MW0:X0 to %MW0:X15 so how can write this address 0016, 0017, 0018,.....0040,? no available %MW0:X16?
  3. hi sir thank you so much for reply 
     i understand now  how can write address from 10001 to 10015 but i can't understand  how can write address more than 16   i mean from 10016 to 10040?? pleas explain me this. because i am using 10001-10040 so just show one example

  4. hi wasan sir thank you so much for reply sole my problem but my address is more than 10001-10040 total 40 so how can  write more than 10015 there only showing %MW0:X0- %MW0:X15 showing so witch bit use for 10016-10040?? i hope understand.


  5. hi sir how can modbus  write coil address in M221 plc can me give one example my input coil address is like that 0001, 0002, 0003,  so showing one example how write this address long time facing this problem still not done help me .

  6. hi guys i am using my Schneider m221 plc  but facing this below problem. how can write modbus address  i am trying below register data address but not accept this register data  address example i write %MW0:=16#10001 %MW1:=16#10002 %MW2:=16#10003 %MW3:=16#10004 so guys how can write this register address can me  share one example so i understand. also share read var setting . ObjType: FristObj: Quantity: IndexData: Thanks