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  1. I have replaced many burnt out relays. I disassembled the MicroLogix and found the manufacturer of the relay, I believe it was Omron, and I desoldered and replaced the relay. Be careful when deslodering, I used a low wattage soldering iron, 7 watts I believe. I had replaced a few of the 16 I/O models and kept the "Bad" MicroLogix. When I found the relays and who to order from, at about $5.00 each, I repaired all of the bad relays in the Micrologix PLC's and when I had a problem, I replaced it with the repaired unit. Hope this helps.

  2. I have called and asked about the speed of the update time using Internet Explorer 7. I was told that the application of the Component PanelView HMI's were built on Firefox 2.0. The representative suggested that I use Firefox 2.0. He stated that they were unsure of Firefox 3.0 as it had not been tested. Hope this helps.

  3. It has been my experience with the ML1000 when clearing the fault you have to write a "0" to S:5/8 Retentive Data, in order for the fault to be cleared successfully. Using the attached picture as a guide, highlight the "1" in S:5/8 and type in a "0" and press enter. Press the "Clear Fault" button. Try putting it back into run mode.

  4. slcman, I looked up the GE QuickPanel and it does not support Ethernet/IP. Ethernet/IP is the communication protocol for the ML1100. I use the IDEC HG3F 10 inch and the HG4F 12 inch Touch Screens. They have built in Ethernet that uses Ethernet/IP communications. IDEC is updating the HG2F 6 inch Touch Screen to include an Ethernet port. Hope this helps.

  5. From the manual for the 22-SMC-232 converter there are sample programs in the manual. There are PLC's listed that will be able to communicate with the PowerFlex 40 Drives. Attached is the Manual that will explain the communications to the drives and the parameters required for communicating with 2 or more PowerFlex 40 VFD's 22comm_um002__en_p.pdf

  6. DOPT is a communication instruction. FNC 89. I have not been able to find the description myself but I have used this instruction in some of the programs that were written with WinFX. I have posted a sample program in the downloads section that has this instruction in the program. I have been trying to find the description for DOPT for some time and I haven't been able to find it yet. I hope this helps at least a little. swimmy P.S. I have just checked plcs.net and 504bloke posteed this attached pdf of FNC 89 DOPT_1_.pdf

  7. Hello, I have added my reply because the PLC used is a ML1000 and not a ML1100. I have attached a sample program. Edit: Just to clarify the HSC. The ML1000, ML1200 and the ML1100 have (4) High Speed Inputs, Input 0 to 3, but only (1) High Speed Function file. ML1000_Count_Pulse.RSS

  8. Alex, I was able to spend more time searching and found that there is another 21h error. I have attached the error codes. It seems that the ML1200 is faulty. The error suggests that the expansion I/O power is faulty. TW had the right answer. Page D4 of the attached Error code listing. Error "0021" is the error that you origionally listed. Sorry for any confusion. Error_Codes_ML1200_and_ML1500.pdf