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  1. Hi Everyone ... Anyone can to help me about sharing my project's Variable TAGs Between work Environment computers , in other way i need to see the tag value at all connected PCs .. if this possible without using PLC's Memory just using pc's server HDD storage for storing TAG's Value . 
  2. Hi everyone .. I faced a problem that is can not associate (sTagName) with SuperGenie , I'm tried to use AssGetProperty , AssInfo Functions as below shown : This is Associating function's cicode with SuperGenie Code: Function Assoc(STRING sTagName) Asss(-2,6,sTagName,0) END And this my function that need to associate sTagName with it , it's called by pressing Button at SuperGenie's page :   Code: Function My_Func(INT iArg) STRING sTagName = " " ; sTagName = AssGetProperty(iArg, "TagName"); END
  3. Hi ... Everyone  I have this warning Cicode message : " possible missing operand between tags" when compile below code 👇 **************************************** STRING sTagName = "EG01" ; sTagName+"_START" = sTagName+"STATUS" ****************************************
  4. Hello everyone .. I need ahelp for complete my project's code , now i succeed by associating my tags with super genie ,But I'm stopped at the function inside super genie that's has similar Tag inside it's cicode that super genie's page contained .. plz tell me what can i do for associating the Tag inside that function within super genie's page .I heard about (AssGetProperty) function but I'm not sure if this useful in my project's case ..
  5. Hi everyone, Using Cicode programming ... I'm try to make a function empressed Button's input command that still running forever until the user press the Button again .. so if i press the Button at first the function inside Button will be running , But i wonder to terminate that function by press same button second time or don't mind if you suppose other Button for stop running the function ... plz help to make a code or something else to stop running of my function.