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  1. Hi  guys, plc connected and working! FXU type is correct! Thanks a lot!! Joan  
  2. Hello Ron_S, i got this cable  https://www.plccable.com/mitsubishi-plc-cable-usb-sc09-melsec-full-fx-or-a-plcs/ ,  i ask them and they reccommend the same as you. And thanks fot the  plc type, it will help me a lot!    
  3. Ok, thanks Crossbow, i'll try this way  
  4. Hi, i just bought this second hand PLC,  is a FX-24MR-ES, but  to configure the FX developer (version8) i only can select  in the FX series  the type FX0 ... to FX3U(C), but i do not know withc series is mine. Somebody can tell me witch type i have to put on the configuration? Thanks!! Joan
  5. ok future , thanks. I just ordered a new cable usb-RS485,  so i hope this will solve it. thanks to everybody!
  6. Thanks for your help!
  7.  i'll will read all to see if i can find the solution thanks  Garry!   Joan
  8. Hello ! I am new to the forum and in the world of PLCs, I need to make a small home project and I have bought a PLC with the denomination FX3U-32MT-3V3I-8O100K-K-1 in e-bay (see attached picture) The seller does not provide  operation scheme, he says that to program it, gx developer can be used. I have GX version 8 installed on my laptop. The PLC has an RS-232 port and I use a usb adapter of the ugreen DB brand. Serial adapter cable with the Prolific PL2303 chipset. My problem is the communication between the GX developer and the PLC, when I make a connection test I see the error 01808201. I do not know ho to configure it  or what type or series it is,  i do not know withc cable to use, or whatever i'm doing wrong If someone can point me in the right direction, I will be very gratefull!!! Greetings from Barcelona! Joan