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  1. These 3 items have worked together for years.  I wanted to update an HMI screen with some additional bit lamps, so I uploaded the existing program and saved it.  I was unable to decompile and edit the program I uploaded, so I started to modify the program I thought was the most recent.  I'm able to get the screens to download to the HMI, but I can not get past an "Always Responsed Error....Delay". I deleted all of the screens and downloaded a blank program to ensure none of my addresses were causing the issue.  Still have the same error. Things I know:  1. It worked together for years.  2. In the HMI drop down for PLC type, there is not a CTC 2500 option.  3. When I download the .eob that I uploaded, the screens do not load correctly and do not function. Any help is much appreciated.