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  1. Thanks for the reply, I saw that. The ftp client fb's are nice but it would require the connecting pc to have a ftp server running.

    Not a big issue but the customer would be using different pc's to connect (dont really want to config them if i can avoid it).

    I will use this as plan B.

    I am going to experiment with the tcp server fb's, I should be able to stream a test file via a socket connection (activated by button).

    This should then directly download in the browser.

    I have done this is C# before so should work on the plc.

  2. Sorry for the delay, got side tracked.


    Thanks for the responce, I tried that but it will allow me to log in but does not display the folder tree (denied, even though I use the correct password). If I login via filezilla, it works fine.

    Must be a browser issue, will play a bit.

    Would be nice if they implemented a file download as I am using the webpage as the customers interface so dont really want them having to fiddle around when downloading files.

  3. Hello

    I have a M251, running a webvisu. I have created a program to create a test report to a *csv file and store it on sd card.

    What I want to do next is to allow the user to download the * csv from the webvisu and not via ftp client like Filezilla.

    On codesys forums I see there are file up and download options for buttons (click behaviour) but they are not available in Somachine 4.3.

    One option I am considering is using the TCP server and steam the file manually from a button click.

    I dont want a ftp client as now the customer will then needsoftware on his pc, this plc is a portable test system and will be controlled by many different pc's.

    Is anyone aware of a simpler way to do this?

  4. Hello CHud

    Thanks for your reply

    Yes, I have configured the visualization manager with web visulization.

    The link I use is

    I get 404 (file not found) error.

    If I just type I get the defaut webpage (M241 overview and diagnostics)

    I have attached my visualization config.

    This is my first venture with SoMachine so may have done something very stupid.

    Your help is greatly appreciated