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  1. Thanks for the reply, I saw that. The ftp client fb's are nice but it would require the connecting pc to have a ftp server running. Not a big issue but the customer would be using different pc's to connect (dont really want to config them if i can avoid it). I will use this as plan B. I am going to experiment with the tcp server fb's, I should be able to stream a test file via a socket connection (activated by button). This should then directly download in the browser. I have done this is C# before so should work on the plc.
  2. Sorry for the delay, got side tracked.   Thanks for the responce, I tried that but it will allow me to log in but does not display the folder tree (denied, even though I use the correct password). If I login via filezilla, it works fine. Must be a browser issue, will play a bit. Would be nice if they implemented a file download as I am using the webpage as the customers interface so dont really want them having to fiddle around when downloading files.
  3. Hello I have a M251, running a webvisu. I have created a program to create a test report to a *csv file and store it on sd card. What I want to do next is to allow the user to download the * csv from the webvisu and not via ftp client like Filezilla. On codesys forums I see there are file up and download options for buttons (click behaviour) but they are not available in Somachine 4.3. One option I am considering is using the TCP server and steam the file manually from a button click. I dont want a ftp client as now the customer will then needsoftware on his pc, this plc is a portable test system and will be controlled by many different pc's. Is anyone aware of a simpler way to do this?
  4. M241 Web visu

    Hi cHud Thanks for the help. I had tried 8080 before without success. I then tried changing the browser (was using Edge) to Chrome. Now it works.... Regards  
  5. M241 Web visu

    Hello CHud Thanks for your reply Yes, I have configured the visualization manager with web visulization. The link I use is I get 404 (file not found) error. If I just type I get the defaut webpage (M241 overview and diagnostics) I have attached my visualization config. This is my first venture with SoMachine so may have done something very stupid. Your help is greatly appreciated Thanks   Images.pdf
  6. M241 Web visu

    Hi Thanks for the response, I dont think it is Java or antivirus because the default webpage works, I just cant navigate to the webvisu.htm page (404 does not exist). I have a suspicion that this feature is not supported by all (if any) M241's
  7. M241 Web visu

    Hi, did you get this sorted? I am having the same issue. Rgds