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  1. Troubleshooting NS8 Hmi

    Good day sirs, i would like to see your help with this our company owns multiple HMI Omron NS8 it seems that this unit always break in the site. we fixed one of the unit but it is only showing white screen is this possible that there no CF connected inside the HMI? ( note i was newly hired by the company wanting to help my superiors) thank you in advance everyone
  2. Keyence / proface

    Yes sir the plc is on... i suspect that the cable is broken.... do you have amy wiring config for the kz500 to GP4301
  3. Keyence / proface

    Good dat i have a trouble of having this errors.  Can i ask also a wiring config for keyence kz a500 to Pro face GP4301tw  Thanks in advance 
  4. Converting delta dvp 13ec to mitsubishi fx3u

    Thank you sir bryll is there any way that i can work around it?? We have an available plc that is fx3u 32mt.  
  5. Good day sirs, i am currently asked by my boss to convert the existing delta plc to mitsubishi due to the requirements of the head maintemance... i am current ly having a trouble of converting this line  MODWR and MODRD What is the equivalent of it in mitsubishi    Thank you sirs
  6. Retentive DATA for Mitsubishi Q00J

    thank you sir for the information and i worked well sorry if i posted this late. thank you once again
  7. Pls help set up QD75P4N

    Good day sirs,  i am a newbie at this motion controller setting. I would kindly like to ask for an assistance from all of you. i copied all the necessary data that i have on this project. I installed the wiring correctly i am able to Jog the servo motor. But when i try to Jog the motor Using GXWorks 2 i wasn't able to do so because its not showing any movement on the Mr J4 and the motor it self. is there any settings that i should have change? thank you for the time if you will need any information i am willing to give it thank you   I have also attached the GXworks program and the servo conifiguration   Please help me thank you project 1.gxw Servo 1.mrc2
  8. FX3U error led blinking

    Good day sirs i have problem with the fx3u also the plc. The error is light up on at times but when i checked on plc diagnostic on GX works 2 there where no error listed. Pls help thank you