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  1. Hello , I'm using Allen Bradley Micro850 - 2080-LC50-24QWB PLC. I downloaded a program to that PLC by CCW. My customer wants to build an application (like a GUI) on a PC which ables to read and write the I/O's , therefore he needs me to send him the registers of the I/O's that i have used in the program. so i woule like to know the register for every tag or I/O. where can i get that information from? for example , i would like to read : _IO_EM_DI_00 , how could i know what this tag's modbus register is? thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, I'm using Allen Bradley Micro850 , 2080-LC50-24QWB. I wrote a program using Connected Component Workbench which reads certain indications and controlling contactors. My customer would like to connect that PLC to a PC by an Ethernet cable RJ45 and read those input registers and write those output registers into his application that he had built. He would like to know the commands in order to read or write the data and the TCP/IP data structures and frames. I would like to have the registers mapping of this PLC as well. i have been searching this information in the data sheets and have found none. i hope you could help me or at least instruct me becasue that's really urgent. thanks in advance.