Micro850 Registers reading/Writing

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Hello ,

I'm using Allen Bradley Micro850 - 2080-LC50-24QWB PLC.

I downloaded a program to that PLC by CCW.

My customer wants to build an application (like a GUI) on a PC which ables to read and write the I/O's , therefore he needs me to send him the registers of the I/O's that i have used in the program.

so i woule like to know the register for every tag or I/O.

where can i get that information from?

for example , i would like to read : _IO_EM_DI_00 , how could i know what this tag's modbus register is?

thanks in advance.

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I believe in CCW you need to map all the Modbus I/O.  If you double click the processor and open it up you will see a tab for "Modbus Mapping"  There you can select each variable, physical I/O, etc. and assign the Modbus address.


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