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  1. I'm using Ge 28 I/O nano micro plc for several years in my company. I was using it without a battery all these years. I have reloaded the program on 30th May 2019, while changing the HMI. The factory was shutdown for maintenance for 2 days, in June , and the next day (June 22) the plc was working. The Power,OK lights were ON and the RUN indication turn ON after putting it to STOP and then RUN. All the inputs indication was working correctly, but the output lights were OFF since plc was not executing the program.  It was showing a failed battery signal and no program was found; then I loaded the program again and it was working normally for 1 month. Again this same problem started in July 28th, i.e, after one month and 1 week and that too, after shutdown maintenance for 2 days. Is it because of a battery problem ? If so, I was not using a battery in it for more than 6 years and there was no problems even after many shutdowns all these years. There was also other shutdowns than this in between in June & July. There is also another one PLC in the plant without a battery and there is no problem for it. Could this be due to any interference during some welding works? (all grounded properly). Please suggest me possible reasons.
  2. Hello. I want to upgrade from old quickpanel view model hmi to new quickpanel+ model. Is it possible to copy the project from quickpanel view to quickpanel+ model through flash drive (USB or sd card) and could I be able to run it?