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  1. Portable VPN

    I would look into the Wireguard VPN for what you are trying to do.  I have a server setup on a VPS and all I do is send the user a config file.  They download and install wireguard and then add my config file and then mine and his computer is linked via my own wireguard private network. 
  2. PLC upgrade

    Looking for a opinions I am currently working in facility that wants to upgrade there current plcs.  currently we have 2 models the a1scpu and fx3u-64m.   The programming is rock solid so I do want to change anything I am just looking for some more modern plcs with ethernet. so we can set up some line control.  I am using GX to interface and with these plcs.  Any opinions would be much appreciated.
  3. GE fanuc

    I am unable to press the cancel or hide button its strange 
  4. GE fanuc

    your correct its Windows CE the message on the screen is desktop at 19200 status hide or cancel.  I have no option to view runtime.  The screen programming was done done by the machine manufactor and the start button has a question mark which leads me to believe he didnt define the tags properly. We are pretty much screwed until Monday morning in my opinion but thanks for all your help and if you have any ideas I am alway willing to try thanks again
  5. GE fanuc

    Hello and good day today I changed a old GE Fanuc quickpanel and put in a new Emerson screen because the old screen wasnt bright enough.  Every HMI tag and status works on the new screen but one start button.  So I put the old screen back in and it just gets stuck at the windows 2000 start menu and doesnt not communicate over rs485 with the plc ge fanuc versamax.  I point to pointed the cable and it checks out but it wont communicate with the plc anymore very wierd any ideas?
  6. I am curious I have a question I was looking at a program and the inputs and outputs  each had theyre own subroutine and the input subroutine had the inputs on one subroutine connected to a alias tag and then the outputs had the same the alias connected to the outputs.  What is the benefit if any to doing this?
  7. Hello and good day.  I am trying to address a 1734 aent in the field the ip range is so i dont believe I can use the address wheel.  Ive tried using a bootp but no luck.  I was told I need rsnetworx is this correct or is there another piece of software like maybe like connect components ?
  8. I have a INT between two control systems.  The destination is a allen bradley plc.  I am running studio 5000.  The INT  indicates current step in sequence.  I have made a HMI screen in Factory talk studio.   I want to creat a text message on the hmi screen to indicate which step in the sequence.  This will require text for each step for indication for our operations.   How do I go about doing this in Factory talk ie 1=" down aspiration" 2 ="up aspiration" etc
  9. It is a VIM we have moved on as we had spare integers that we utilized as bool as we are a live facility and even Spartan was not comfortable downloading the VIM.   Essentially we have DeltaV handling our process and Allen Bradley handling are high speed stuff.  I have no idea what a IO buffer is but I will look it up thank you. In the future I will be configuring a simulation between DeltaV simulator and Emulate5000 smulator so that should be interesting and answer all my questions about the configuration side  Allen Bradley and DeltaV
  10. Thanks for all your help but it looks like its a implicit message and I will need the rsnetworx config file .inet.  Instead we had some spare int that we used instead of the rsnetworx attempt and it seems like any time Spartan downloads vimnet it causes havic through out are facility.  
  11. So I cant find any MSG instructions in the logic.  Theres a network module in the network tree that indicates DCS communication but the ip is pointed at that a IP that would not communicate on the vlan that the vim in located.  I can post the project file but its 5.7mb so I would have to compress
  12. I have no user defined tags associated to the Deltav in the 5571 controller.  I was told it was a explicate message between the two systems  how do i find out for sure I am a little confused
  13. I have been tasked with configuring more data sets between a 5571 controller and a DeltaV ethernet vim card.  Communication is already established ethernetip explicit message.  we just need few more bools.  I only have to configure the 5571 side  of the communication is this a complicated task.  
  14. if your interested in learning how not to setup your network 
  15. Ethernet MAC Address

    Youtube!.  Wireshark is actually very easy and powerful to use