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  1. Hi everyone ! I have downloaded all the file of TIA Portal of Step 7 professional and Wincc Professional V15  from siemens support website. But when I run the exe file of setup it gives me LOG File error. I have tried everything ( try to install in 2 different laptop as well but same result downloaded again but same result) please suggest me any possible solution.     
  2. Servo motor KW & Weight

    hi, I wanted to install servo motor in my printing machine cylinder so for that I need to know how much "KW" servo motor is best for the cylinder. I have its diameter and weight. plz do let me know how I calculate the "KW" which is best fit for my cylinder.
  3. Hmi temperature delta

    Hi @Must@@@@ . You can go to the delta PLC software "Communication Setting" where U have to select RS485 option as a communication mode between PLC and HMI.
  4. Mitsubishi Q Serires PLC Program

    And plz also tell me what if I decrease the time below 10ms. and kindly see the below snapshots.  what is it the correct place for changing the time ? PLC SYSTEM or I/O Response time ?
  5. Mitsubishi Q Serires PLC Program

    HI @Gambit. Can u tell me if I use interrupt program so how it will detect when there is no tape present in anyone of the sensor. As in current program the tape passes in front of the sensor and sensor will high then low then it again high and low in every scan of the program so in anyone of the scan if the sensor not goes to high state it will consider as there is no tape in current scan and it will high B1170 bit so rejection may occur. Plz tell how to program this logic using interrupt program.     Thanks & Regards M.Areeb
  6. Hi Everyone. Hope u all are fine. Firstly I will let u know the my program details. The picture that is attached below is a part of my machine Q series PLC Program. It detects left and right tape of the product. Sensor X50C is attached in front of left tape and sensor X50D is attached in front of right tape. The  program works in a way that it check the both left and right tape in one whole scan of the program. if during the scan if the tape is not present it will high B1170 bit otherwise it will reset D12286  and B1170 will reaming in low state.    The Problem i am facing is that sometimes it did not work correctly and misses the tape maybe can`t detect withing one complete scan of the program so I wanted to know is there any other technique by which i can modify this program and make this program simple and easy without involving the scan time period.
  7. CC LINK Communication Error

    Thanks alot @Zamora. Hope this information will solve this problem.
  8. CC LINK Communication Error

    @Zamora I do not exactly know the distance but this might be the issue. can u please tell me what is repeater station and how to install it ? 
  9. CC LINK Communication Error

    OR sometimes this issue will gone when we take out the terminating resistor from the last module and then again place it in the module. we are using resistor of 120 ohms.
  10. CC LINK Communication Error

    ok but I wanted to know one more thing which is that in order to solve the above problem we need to shorten the  length by placing the module with their neighboring modules (because the error will give only  those modules which are far away with other modules) or we just replace the communication cable of these modules. 
  11. CC LINK Communication Error

    Thanks all. I am using QJ61BT11N (Master) which is connected with PLC and all othe slave stations are AJ65SBTB-16DT and usually slave stations gives error and LERR light will blink. Furthermore I have check all the stations no and setting it is fine.
  12. CC LINK Communication Error

    Hi everyone ! Hope you are doing good. I have one query related to CC Link Modules. I have a machine which consist of Mitsubishi Q Series PLC and with that there is also a CC Link module in which there is a loop of individual Communication Station. But the problem I am facing is that sometimes 2 of the communication stations gave communication error randomly, sometimes it works fine for about week or months but sometimes they will give error after one hour or two hour or 1 day. I did not understand the exact cause of this error whether it coming due to large length of wire between the stations or module faulty etc . can anyone let me know why this error occur and what might be the possible causes of this error. Thanks & Regards Areeb    
  13. Interrupt Input Monitorin FX3U

    Thanks buddy I will try to check it out with the given information above. Hope it will workout and solve my problem.
  14. Hi, I wanted to know how do I check my interrupt input signal whether it coming or not. Basically I have a program which consists of  I401 & I 501 interrupts as externally connected in X4 & X5 of PLC input and this signals belong to proximity sensor and photo mark sensor. But now it is not working properly as it is not cutting the product with the desired location. below I have attached the snapshot. I    

    Hi I have upload the program from mcgs hmi through USB. but when I open in my laptop it gives me this error; please suggest me any possible solution for that and tell me it is uploading mistake or 32 bit window needed for this ? the screenshot of error while opening the program file is attach below.