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  1. Is the slave device connected RS485 or RS232?  Your screen shot shows "No Handshaking" which correlates with RS232 pins on CH0, but to use RS485, you will need to choose "No Handshaking (485 Network)".   And you'll need a 1763-NC01 or equivalent to access the proper pins on that port.
  2. Real to 3 decimal points

    If you only want to do this for visualization on the HMI, then you should be able to do that with the HMI software.   If you want to do this for use in the PLC, then multiply by 1000 and store as a DINT, (long integer) then divide by 1000 and store as a REAL (floating point).  This is a general explanation you can use in any PLC or other programming languages since I am not familiar with Mitsubishi gear.  
  3. 'This example' you mentioned does not exist on the forum. Is there any way I can get that example?

    Thank you @OkiePC


  4. Panelview Standard = Atari 2600 Panelview Plus = Nintendo Red Lion G3 = Playstation 4 A/B makes great PLCs and PLC software, but Red Lion Crimson 3.0 is the best hardware HMI software I have ever used and it is free. It also supports accurate emulation on your computer that can often be used to talk to real PLC hardware for fully testing your work before buying anything.
  5. This is good information. We have a customer who is (was) using an EZTouch panel by EZAutomation to send emails to a mom and pop internet outfit. That account did not require authentication and has become unavailable. They have internet access from a new ISP but unauthenticated emails are not available from them. The customer would like us to restore that functionality, so would these instructions be pertinent to any type of PLC or HMI (assuming I can perform all the same steps required to set up the restricted gmail account and use external means to find the server IP)? A related question...if we find out that we can't get it done with the EZTouch...we would consider upgrading their RTU board to a DoMore...would the T1H (stackable based on Terminator I/O) be able to support the email instruction just like its big brother?
  6. HMI view/control on smart phone or tablet

    Teamviewer has a mobile app. It is not the most user friendly for operating HMI controls, and would require that you are able to get to the HMI PC via the internet or wifi network. It is super easy to set up and works great for just looking at values and examining alarms. If you designed a screen with the right sized and controls to fit in your palm, you could make it very functional. Of course you'd be limited to PC based HMI apps. I have not tried this with Red Lion HMI on a phone browser yet, but I don't know why it wouldn't work so long as the HMI is exposed to the web. Of course that last sentence opens up the worm-can of security concerns.
  7. In need of Software for Mitsubishi PLC and HMI

    I got my software yesterday, installed it today, and was able to also install the GX Developer software and help files for the FX series PLCs. I was able to import the old project into Developer first, and then into GX Works 2. Wow, it is a huge program for what the PLC is doing. I was a little worried about finding my way around, but once I figured out how to display address comments (thanks, Theo), much of what I needed to see became apparent. Luckily the OEM did comment many of the addresses. I may have to go online with the running controller when I am back on site next week so I can figure out what parts of this program are actually being used and iron out the remaining details. I believe this program is designed to run any possible configuration of this pump skid they might have ever sold and so it contains all those features and options with internal bits used to enable and disable sections of logic. I am hopeful that the HMI 2nd serial port is enabled to allow passthrough so that I can keep the GOT HMI connected and keep using it while connecting my new HMI to that 2nd port for access to FX2N data. If I get that lucky, it will make life easier for sure. Thanks again for the help here!
  8. Good converter from RS-232 to USB

    After many years and dozens of different devices, I finally found one that the Keyspan would not connect with, while the cheap generic one did work. It was the serial port on a radio modem by DataLinc Group: PLR6430. This was repeated with two different PCs. I still recommend the USA-19HS for everything else, but it does not hurt to hang onto some other model too.
  9. In need of Software for Mitsubishi PLC and HMI

    Yes, thanks for those details. I ordered a cable from git today, and should be able to get my software in about a week. The quote I received showed a 6 day lead time and the specialist said the same thing about the GX developer software (included with GXWorks) working with the PLC but did not explain that I could open the old files. I am not going to mess with the HMI software. It is going bye-bye anyhow and I should be able to figure out what I need for the Kadet that replaces it from examination of the PLC logic.
  10. In need of Software for Mitsubishi PLC and HMI

    I am waiting for the application specialist from a nearby distributor to contact me. I have not found any pricing info. I am expecting to have to upload and work with the PLC logic when I get on site (it's 400 miles away and is running, just may need some minor changes). I will go back and look again and try to find that demo software you mentioned, but if I cannot work with those old file types, I may as well wait until I have licensed software to work with. Now, if the demo software could open those old files and they turn out to be small enough so that the demo software is all that's needed, and I did not need to spend a few hundred dollars on software, that'd be great. It would great mainly because it would save me time. It appears that I may have to wait for a boat from Japan to deliver this elusive software in the end. I think we budgeted $750 for unknown software cost on this project and if it is more than that, it is not a big issue. We are doing enough work there that a thousand dollars one way or the other is not going to kill us.
  11. In need of Software for Mitsubishi PLC and HMI

    Great. If there's an oddball out there, leave it to me to stub my toes on it. The folks who shared the file with me had this to say: "The PLC uses FXGP/WIN-EL programming software. The OIT uses FXDU/WIN-EL." Paul
  12. In need of Software for Mitsubishi PLC and HMI

    Thanks for that. I contacted Womack Machine Supply in OKC. They will have their Automation Specialist get back with me soon.
  13. When you close RSLogix, it should "remember" the screen size and return to that next time it is opened. To quickly get the screen sized right, stretch the main window to a comfortable size (not maximized). then click on the menu "Window" "Arrange...", select "Default Project" and click "OK". If you do that, then close it and re-open it, and it is still fouled up, two things come to mind: 1) Run as administrator at least once to make sure the software is allowed read write access to its registry entries where the user preferences are stored. 2) Shut down RSLogix. Hold Shift and Ctrl while starting RSLogix. This should reset the user preferences in the registry to their default settings and hopefully fix any corruption that may have it hosed up.
  14. Productivity 2000

    I just started a project using three of them. I would not say they are as advanced as CompactLogix, but are a big step above the Micrologix1400 we use for most jobs. The communications capacity is powerful. The software is a little too much like DirectSoft in some ways. My A/D PLC experience is quite limited and I have been working with A/B stuff for almost 20 years. So far, I have only written two small programs with about 20 rungs each. One is using MRX and MWX blocks to poll 5 Modbus nodes over the serial port and 4 of them are absent. The little unit seems to deal with the missing nodes just fine. I did manage to fill up the serial buffer by setting my polling delay to 0.1 seconds between messages and unplugging the serial port. When I plugged it back in and bumped my timer back up to 0.15 seconds, it recovered all by itself even though only one of the devices is present. I find the instruction set to be powerful, and the CPU speed seems very good. My peak scan time shows to be 0.2 miliseconds at this early stage. I could write a long list of things I'd change in the software, but it is not bad and the price is hard to beat. It would be nice to be able to toggle bits without having to use a Data View window. It would be nice if data view windows would allow address entry in the Modbus address column. It would be nice if I could edit the tag comment from the data view window. It would be nice if the data view window was not always "on top". It is awesome to be able to assign modbus addresses any which way you like. It is awesome to be able to pick and choose addresses in any order and about any data type in a single MRX or MWX (message) command. I like a lot of things about it. I don't like "columns". I have not wrapped my head around columns and why I need them at all, but I did manage to make a mess of a very simple ladder file by deleting all the extra ones and then adding a rung which ended up stretching all the existing rungs to beyond readable. I will eventually learn a "best practice" to deal with it, but it would be nice if the software handled them for me with minimal wasted space. It would be nice to be able to use arrays of tags and be able to comment each instance separately. I started out with arrays, then abandoned them when I found out that I can have only one address comment for the whole array. The built in display on the CPU and analog cards is very cool. It is very bright and you can easily make it display about anything. I have not powered up the analog cards yet, so they only display an error for missing power source, but I have done a lot of testing with the CPU display and I like it a lot. I'll add more later when I get back to that project.
  15. I have a big project coming up and one of the customer's complaints is that a telemetry panel with a ML1400 and PV300 standard does not play welll with the pump panel which has a Mitsubishi FX2N and a Mitsubishi HMI. We made plans to update the telemetry panel and as part of the job we'd like to improve the situation with the adjacent pump panel. Our changes include a Red Lion G304K2 HMI so we plan to set it up to communicate with the FX2N serial port and replace the features that exist in the Mitsubishi HMI. This should allow data exchange between the ML1400 and the FX2N so that we would not have to remove, replace or rewire the pump panel to be able to add more options for controlling it. I am probably going to need to make alterations to the program in the FX2N, and at least know what is what in order to develop the Crimson programming to interface with it. I would benefit from being able to open the Mitsubishi HMI, but can probably get by without that if the cost of software is prohibitive. The HMI part number is F940GOT-SWD-E I got with the OEM of the pump panel and he was kind enough to release their PLC and HMI files with my signature on the right forms. I have a folder named PLC with file extension .COW, .DMW, .PMW, .PTW and a folder marked OIT with a file extension of .dup It appears they did the project in 2009. On another forum, I was advised to look for GX-Developer or GX-Works2, and that GX-Works2 is preferred. Now I am not having much luck locating a distributor or trial version to look at. I found the demo version here that does not appear to be 64 bit compatible, so I thought I would ask if there is a more current version or who should I call on to just buy a copy. I can find catalog numbers at meau.com and have located one or two places that claim to be software resellers, but I am suspicious of both websites. I want to find a good deal, not a pirate! So can someone help me out locating a legit software vendor, trial version, provide info about 64-bit compatibility, etc. I do not expect this software need to extend past this project so I only need a version compatible with the FX2N. Thanks, Paul