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  1. Some Basic Stuff I just can't figure out

    1. Can I monitor Local Variables? - In watch table type in your Program name - dot - local variable name: <Program name>.<Local variable name> I didn't work with CX programmer, can't help with it 'cuz I dont know how it looks like in CX Programmer.
  2. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Thanks, I did install Sysmac Studio to new laptop and totally forgot about this option. It's silly that they don't do this variable set by default, lol :) Thank you!
  3. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    My SysmacStudio doesn't do this thing for me. lol Here is the video if you want to take a look. 2021-03-15_13-28-33.mp4
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I got to the point that I tired from one thing. Every time when I need to rename a variable, I need to use variable manager and do it carefully. Because if I have variable with number in the end (bTest1, bTest2, etc.) and want to shift the numeration then variables don't behave well. In this case I need to do it step by step and do update after each step. It takes unnecessary extra time, when it should be automated and I should be able to rename a variable straight from global variables table.
  5. PanelView 800 Recipe Management

    figured out. If somebody interesting in: Recipe on PV800: You can create new recipes only from CCW software. Load L5X v.>31: Open *.L5X in any NotePad editors. Find SoftwareRevision and change value to SoftwareRevision="31.00".
  6. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Did you check output from the function block? Go to differential monitor and look for MC_MoveRealtive4.Busy; MC_MoveRelative4.Active. If Busy and Active come TRUE, it means that block executed the command, then look for a data that goes into the function block.
  7. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Did you try to check is your execute bit ever coming up? MC_MoveRelative4.Execute. Run differential monitor for execute input and busy output of MC_MoveRelative4. And try to change distance from number => REAL#5.0
  8. MC Test Mode was interrupted

    nope. All programs with motion commands were detached from the main task.
  9. Hi Sergei, nice to see you here as well. We communicated for a while on Roboforum. I had same problem before. I had McAfee antivirus, I've turned the antivirus off and it helped me. Also I always start SysmacStudio with administrator permission.
  10. Hello guys, I experience interesting behavior on NX102 PLC. I have an application with NX102-1200 v1.41 and 7 R88*-1S servos in total. All axes were added as a single-axis position. During servo set-up and tuning we periodically experience a communication error. Connection between laptop and PLC over ethernet. Did anybody have similar problem?  Error message #1: -MC Test Mode was interrupted in the controller. The MC test run is terminated. Error message #2 following error: -A communication error has occurred. 
  11. PanelView 800 Recipe Management

    Hello guys, I'm a new guy with Panel View 800 and I have few questions from beginning. I have an application 2x PV800 4" and 1x CompactLogix L24ER.This application require recipe management and I've found that PV800 has weird-different representation of recipe management. I can't figure out how to add additional recipe to the recipe list. Usually I can add new blank recipe without any extra steps, but it's not "add recipe" buttons. I'm looking an answer for next questions: - how to add new blank recipe my template that I made ( picture - - how to get currently loaded recipe name? I have assigned status tag, but it always shows me a number. I didn't find any sort of system tags with selected recipe. - I have installed CCW software v.12. It allows me to create a project with PV800 FW 5.011, but I got a panel with default FW 5.013. How can I add new firmware version into my CCW software? I found AB video about PV800 and recipe ( but it useless without an example file.   Thank you in advance! Regards, Scotty
  12. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    My current Win 10 Pro build 19042.685.
  13. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    I had looooong Monday. I have tried that idea and it didn't work in my case. I used internal monitor, external with mirrored and extended option..
  14. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    Thanks for an idea. I will try it today or Monday.
  15. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    My current settings - 1920x1080 - 100% Scale and it's not UHD screen. I have tried to reduce resolution from 1920x1080 to lower one and change few scale settings as well. I have checked my colleague settings, we have same settings for screen and same video card.