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  1. Some Basic Stuff I just can't figure out

    1. Can I monitor Local Variables? - In watch table type in your Program name - dot - local variable name: <Program name>.<Local variable name> I didn't work with CX programmer, can't help with it 'cuz I dont know how it looks like in CX Programmer.
  2. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Thanks, I did install Sysmac Studio to new laptop and totally forgot about this option. It's silly that they don't do this variable set by default, lol :) Thank you!
  3. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    My SysmacStudio doesn't do this thing for me. lol Here is the video if you want to take a look. 2021-03-15_13-28-33.mp4
  4. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    I got to the point that I tired from one thing. Every time when I need to rename a variable, I need to use variable manager and do it carefully. Because if I have variable with number in the end (bTest1, bTest2, etc.) and want to shift the numeration then variables don't behave well. In this case I need to do it step by step and do update after each step. It takes unnecessary extra time, when it should be automated and I should be able to rename a variable straight from global variables table.
  5. PanelView 800 Recipe Management

    figured out. If somebody interesting in: Recipe on PV800: You can create new recipes only from CCW software. Load L5X v.>31: Open *.L5X in any NotePad editors. Find SoftwareRevision and change value to SoftwareRevision="31.00".
  6. PanelView 800 Recipe Management

    Hello guys, I'm a new guy with Panel View 800 and I have few questions from beginning. I have an application 2x PV800 4" and 1x CompactLogix L24ER.This application require recipe management and I've found that PV800 has weird-different representation of recipe management. I can't figure out how to add additional recipe to the recipe list. Usually I can add new blank recipe without any extra steps, but it's not "add recipe" buttons. I'm looking an answer for next questions: - how to add new blank recipe my template that I made ( picture - - how to get currently loaded recipe name? I have assigned status tag, but it always shows me a number. I didn't find any sort of system tags with selected recipe. - I have installed CCW software v.12. It allows me to create a project with PV800 FW 5.011, but I got a panel with default FW 5.013. How can I add new firmware version into my CCW software? I found AB video about PV800 and recipe ( but it useless without an example file.   Thank you in advance! Regards, Scotty
  7. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Did you check output from the function block? Go to differential monitor and look for MC_MoveRealtive4.Busy; MC_MoveRelative4.Active. If Busy and Active come TRUE, it means that block executed the command, then look for a data that goes into the function block.
  8. MC_MoveRelative doesn't work

    Did you try to check is your execute bit ever coming up? MC_MoveRelative4.Execute. Run differential monitor for execute input and busy output of MC_MoveRelative4. And try to change distance from number => REAL#5.0
  9. MC Test Mode was interrupted

    nope. All programs with motion commands were detached from the main task.
  10. Hello guys, I experience interesting behavior on NX102 PLC. I have an application with NX102-1200 v1.41 and 7 R88*-1S servos in total. All axes were added as a single-axis position. During servo set-up and tuning we periodically experience a communication error. Connection between laptop and PLC over ethernet. Did anybody have similar problem?  Error message #1: -MC Test Mode was interrupted in the controller. The MC test run is terminated. Error message #2 following error: -A communication error has occurred. 
  11. Hi Sergei, nice to see you here as well. We communicated for a while on Roboforum. I had same problem before. I had McAfee antivirus, I've turned the antivirus off and it helped me. Also I always start SysmacStudio with administrator permission.
  12. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    My current Win 10 Pro build 19042.685.
  13. Hello, I'm using View Designer 7.01 and experience anomalies in project explorer. When I move mouse cursor over project explorer, highlighted lines render with anomalies. I have tried to create new project with different HMI and  and versions, but it didn't help. (picture in attachment) Anybody experience this problem before? Thanks in advance! Scotty
  14. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    I had looooong Monday. I have tried that idea and it didn't work in my case. I used internal monitor, external with mirrored and extended option..
  15. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    Thanks for an idea. I will try it today or Monday.
  16. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    My current settings - 1920x1080 - 100% Scale and it's not UHD screen. I have tried to reduce resolution from 1920x1080 to lower one and change few scale settings as well. I have checked my colleague settings, we have same settings for screen and same video card. 
  17. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    I though on video card drivers as well. All video drivers (internal and main) up to date.  What are you guys using as HMI for AB PLC in this case? I prefer to have "bundle" PLC+HMI+SERVO from same manufacturer....usually it saves a lot of time...when software is good :)
  18. View Designer 7.01 - Project Explorer display issue

    I did reach out to AB Tech, but they are useless. Tech support pointing into Windows or screen resolution. It's ridiculous. The most interesting that it's laptop wit fresh windows and non software was installed before. I have colleague who has same tool set as I and his View Designer runs with no problem. 
  19. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    HMI: Sometimes when I need to import a lot of images, it takes time to add all images to resources. Not sure can I add multiple images in one shot to image resources, but will be way easier when you need to add >25 images to HMI.
  20. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    Just checked the groups in global variables. Honestly, looks good, except 1 thing. When I have enable filter, selected specific group then try to create variable in this list. This variable shows in the selected group, but as soon I unselect the filer, this variable goes to "NO GROUP". It means, all variables that you create by default go to global with no group selected even you have selected group. Will be great if I will have additional information row with group name for the variable or when I create a variable when filter is enabled and group is selected, then this variable goes to this group.
  21. Thanks! I will try to mess up with 1 set of cables.
  22. Hello to everyone! Our company is trying to make a quick disconnect for motors that connect tp servo amplifier R88ND-1S. As I know Omron doesn't have any options to do it or make an extension cable. Does anyone tried to cut the cable and make custom connector? If yes, could you share your experience? I'm afraid of having issue with encoder count. Thank you in advance! Scotty.
  23. Thank you! As I can see in the manual, Omron doesn't offer any sort of extension cables for Servos 100V/200V up to 400W. My current application uses 2x 100V 400W servos that needs to be disconnected for quick replacement by customer request. I thought that worst case scenario we need to use a short cable, cut it and make a wall-mount connector on face of enclosure with servos. 
  24. Sysmac Studio Improvement Request

    PLC: 1. Ability to see all global and local unused variables in SysmacStudio.  2. (same as I have before) Will be nice to be able to create different global variables tables. It will help a lot to organize I/O, variables that related to different stations, etc.  HMI: 1. When I update IAG library using same name and having next build version. I want automatically re-assign all my IAG components that I'm already using in HMI to newer version without corruption the UI components that already used on HMI pages.