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I am working on a Mitsubishi Q03UDE PLC and the previous controls had instructions that are unfamiliar to me as to how and why.  I have more experience with Rockwell, Siemens and Modicon, so I'm not real familiar with the Mitsubishi.  This is a ladder program with the instruction :  [MOV H3FF K3L11].  The hex constant changes at different locations and it appears this is setting/resetting Latch type coils starting at L11 (there are actually quite a number of starting addresses (K3Lxx(x)) referenced).  I have looked through (and done searches) through the manuals and cannot find a reference to this syntax.  Any help on where to find how this works and any other variation on it would be appreciated.


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7 hours ago, gclshortt said:

K3L11 - The 12 points (bits) L0 to LB

Not exactly correct:

L devices do not have hexadecimal addressing, but decimal. In addition it starts at L11 (not L0), so the correct will be L11 to L22 (12 devices).

@Automator59: Your instruction regarding MOV H3FF K3L11 will translate to the following:

H3FF (0011 1111 1111) into L11 to L22, which again means that L11 to L20 will be forced high, while L21 to L22 will be forced low. To explain a bit more, in addition to gclshortt's great picture:

K3 means 3 multiplied by 4 bits (12 bits), into L11 and up (to L22), while H3FF is simply a hexadecimal constant (hex 3FF).

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Thanks for picking up on that error Kaare_t.

It's been awhile since I have programmed Mitsubishi.


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