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  1. KFLOPPY Problem with R-J Controller

    Hello, I am a student working to try to get an old S10 Fanuc robot with an RJ controller up and running as more or less a project. The robot now needs a reload of the software. The software didn't come with the robot so we had to go out and buy software from Fanuc; however, this being an old robot, they didn't send us floppy disk, they just sent the files and KFLOPPY via email. The problem is when i try to load the software, it goes though and loads core 4, core 6, applications/tool 2, but when it gets to Library1 it just stops and doesn't do anything. I left it going for 5 hours just to make sure it wasn't me just being impatient. I'm trying to load the software using a windows xp and a usb to serial 9 pin adapter to connect to the controller.
  2. Software Loading Problem on R-J Controller

    Hello, I had an RJ controller go down on me and am now trying to reload the software on it using a Windows XP computer with a USB to serial 9 pin adapter and KFloppy. We had to buy the software from Fanuc and it came via email so we don't have actual floppy disk or a floppy drive; however, I am getting the same problem you are as the teach pendent gets to loading LIBRARY1 and stops. We left it running for 5 hours just to make sure it had the time to load and it never did. If you could help out and tell me if you found the answer to your problem and, if so, tell me what the solution was, as it is nearly the same problem, thank you.