KFLOPPY Problem with R-J Controller

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Hello, I am a student working to try to get an old S10 Fanuc robot with an RJ controller up and running as more or less a project. The robot now needs a reload of the software. The software didn't come with the robot so we had to go out and buy software from Fanuc; however, this being an old robot, they didn't send us floppy disk, they just sent the files and KFLOPPY via email. The problem is when i try to load the software, it goes though and loads core 4, core 6, applications/tool 2, but when it gets to Library1 it just stops and doesn't do anything. I left it going for 5 hours just to make sure it wasn't me just being impatient. I'm trying to load the software using a windows xp and a usb to serial 9 pin adapter to connect to the controller.

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