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  1. FX3U-ENET - Module not found

    Many thanks for the responses. I will try and let you know. Regards. Martin
  2. FX3U-ENET - Module not found

    Hello Veganic,  Yes, the PLC has other extension units. In order FX3U-485ADP-MB / FX3U-4DA-ADP / FX3U-4DA-ADP / FX3G-CNV-ADP<--(Left Side)<-- FX3G-40M -->(Right side)--> FX2N-8EX-ES / FX2N-8EYT-ESS / FX2N-8ER-ES / FX3U-ENET. Regarding the IP address, I did a network scan, using a direct connection (no router), and that's the address that popped up (also, in the FX-Configurator software, it was the default IP address that appeared). Thanks for the response.
  3. FX3U-ENET - Module not found

    Hello all,  I´ve seen quite a number of similar posts regarding this topic, but none seems to address this problem in particular. I have an FX3G-40M, with a FX3U-ENET module.  I could establish a successful connection to the PLC via RS232. My problem arises when trying to configure the ethernet module (which I want to use for remote monitoring of the PLC program). I've followed every step in configuring the connection. But when I attempt to do the WRITE operation (via RS232), I get the following indication: "The module which supported this function is not found. Please execute again after confirming the module". I can ping the module (as it has the factory IP, but can´t seem to download the configuration properly. When I plug the Ethernet cable, a green led lits up, and another one starts blinking. I´ve found numerous posts regarding this issue, but all of them had a FX3U-ENET-L module. (And the solution was simply to use another configuration software). The software I'm using: - GX Developer-FX Version 8.91V - FX Configurator-EN Version 1.30  Any hint you can give me of what can be causing this issue, will be very much appreciated. Kind Regards Martin