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  1. GX Works2 help installation

    I have a new question. When I run gx works2 v1.98 c F1  help  For example, pressing the F1 button while on TON-1 opens the page about the TON time relay. Now the general help book is opening how can i fix this  
  2. Easybuilder pro v5 to V6 no respons

    Icoudnt understand Easybuilder pro weintek HMI program software  
  3. In my system, MT8150XE and Allen bradley compactlogix communicate with PLC ethernet. When I compile the project I made with Easybuilder pro v5.01.04 and upload it to the screen with v6.05.01.565, it does not communicate at all and I get a no response error. only difference between the two projects Previously Driver V.1.50, ALLEN_BRADLEY_EIP_COMPACTLOGIX.e30 In the new one, the Driver says "Device ID: 156, v.1.80, as. ALLEN_BRADLEY_EIP_COMPACTLOGIX.e30" Copying the ALLEN_BRADLEY_EIP_COMPACTLOGIX DLL file from the old version driver folder to the new version folder, it rarely gets online. Is there a solution? Thank you from now
  4. Citect fx3U ethernet zero value ?

    Thank you very much for helping me wasan    first image normaly . because ethernet connection fault but secont image not notmaly  my system shows 0 when my system is running normally this is my problem  
  5. Citect fx3U ethernet zero value ?

    I don't know how to share settings. I'm waiting for you to send pictures
  6. Citect fx3U ethernet zero value ?

    Hi Wasan I used process analyst and trend tag ( this is work from hdd archive) I made  two project with wincc and citect ( two pc server). when the problem, Wincc project stably and good work but citect process analyst 2 or 4 times a day at different times recording zero value.   
  7. I finished my project with citect 2016. 4 x fx3u connected with Ethernet. It shows n / a when the Ethernet connection is disconnected, this is normal. but my trends sometimes show zero for 3 or 5 seconds. how do I prevent it. I couldn't find a solution.