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  1. Beijer E1000 to X2Pro Conversion

    Good Afternoon Many years back whem Beijer was involved with Mitsubishi I rolled out quite a few E1000 base models connected to A series PLCs and to GSM modems. The task for the E1000s was simply to transmit Plant alarms to the the GSM modem and this would send a descriptive text SMS to a prescribed mobile number. This system worked perfectly and was cheap to maintain. With the E.O.L. of the E1000 I am now tasked with converting the E1000 to a new HMI and retaining the GSM/SMS functionality. To start with I want to role out a single X2PRO7 and then get this tested before implementing on the 100 or so other E1000 that we have doing similar functions. They way it worked on the E1000s was that we created a text block for each alarm input from the PLC. Each text block had some specific text inside which sent a telephone script message to the GSM Modem which sent the message to the modem which then brodacst the SMS to the number. I have so far tried to convert the old E Designer program to iX Developer but it does not like to convert the text blocks and I cannot find anything in the conversion guide that helps. Has anyone done something similar before or perhaps knows how I can get this task done. Any help is always appreceiated. Thanks in Advance
  2. Remote GOT (Visual Only)

    Neverov the GOT is a GT2507. At the moment the device is connected to our LAN but I use the VNC function to view. Could I configure the Ethernet functions and then use the ethernet (LAN) as the port?    
  3. Remote GOT (Visual Only)

    Good Morning The point where the (Dumb Display) must be located is simply too far and (difficult to reach) from the installed PLC and GOT. There is already a Fibre cable going there so I was thinking to jump onto that with VNC or such
  4. Remote GOT (Visual Only)

    Good morning everyone! I have a GOT HMI all fully fuctional and working a treat, I have been asked to display one particular screen remotely in another part of the factory. I can only really use the IP network or perhaps some sort of wireless link. Does anyone have any good ideas. I thought use another GOT like a dumb device just looking at that one particular screen. But I dont think one would be able to get the GOT to share its stuff down the IP. I could perhaps use the other GOT to VNC but I am not sure of that as if we are not on the Home Screen that could be a problem.   Any help appreciated.        
  5. GOT and VNC

    Unfortunately a licence is what is needed, the cost of the licence is negligible but it is the principle! Also beware of the GOT HMI's as you do not get all the startup functionality that we all got very used to on the Beijer HMIs. I remember the first most basic 1041 B&W touchscreen HMI I bought it could do everything including sending alarms to email addresses, not so with the GOT. Quite dissapointing and after installing 2 of the GOT I am going back to the Beijer product.
  6. Beier E Series remote Reboot

    I was thinking about this solution but like you said not the most elegant solution.
  7. Beier E Series remote Reboot

    Does anyone know how I can do a remote reboot of a Beier E series HMI. The remote station HMI is rarely used except by the QC guys to record some temperatures. However something (possibly on the network) freezes the HMI and it is no longer available on the network using  a VNC viewer. I can ping the device using a cmd ping command and it is still visible and active. I do know that if I unplug the device and then allow it to reboot then it will work great for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately rebooting the device like this on a weekend is not an option. I realise that the (10061) is a network error but why would rebooting solve the problem?   Any help greatly appreceiated.    
  8. Good Morning everyone!  I have an existing Profibus network which is used for monitoring only, it has a Mitsubishi Q series Profibus master and 7 slaves, works perfectly. I want to add 2 x Danfoss FC102 drives to the network (also for monitoring only). I have downloaded the Danfoss GSD files and installed those using GX configurator now I need to either find some already made Function Blocks to go into GX IEC Developer or I have to make them myself. I have not done the latter before but can be quite a quick learner given time. Has anyone here done this before? Maybe someone could steer me in the right direction. Thanking you all in advance and be safe stay at home if possible (away from the virus).    
  9. GX Developer/FX2 Problems

    Thanks for your response Ron_S I will give it a try tommorrow. I have found another way out temporarily, as I have another laptop with a fresh copy GXWorks 3 and that has GX Developer on it. I did not really want to use this laptop in my dirty work environment but at least I have a way out.   Many Thanks
  10. GX Developer/FX2 Problems

    Good Morning Everyone I have a problem that I do hope someone can help me with. My work laptop is used only for PLC and VSD(Vfd) configuration. It is an aging Lenovo running windows XP and it has GX Developer, GX IEC and a few of the Mitsi configurator tools and Mitsi FX configurator for VSDs. I bought a couple of new VSDs and got a copy of the new FX2 for configuration of the VSDs. I installed the FX2, used it configure 2 VSDs and that was it. Yesterday I tried to use the GX Developer to make a few changes to one of our A series PLCs and could not get it to load. On loading, the first windows info block says "System Stop Failed. Please restart Windows" if I click the OK button the next info block states "Operation Ended Incorrectly. Restart the application" If I click on the OK button it appears to load, however when one selects the Project to open it crashes and comes up with another info block " Gppw.exe has encountered a problem and needs to Close." As we were a little under the pump to get the changes made yesterday I did unistall the FX2 program, this did not fix the problem. If anyone could shed some light on a fix for this I would appreceiate it. Thanks in advance.  
  11. Conversion from A to Q

    Thank You Thiago for your assiatance I am aiming to start with this this week unless the usual breakdown stuff crops up. Once again thanks!
  12. Conversion from A to Q

    Good Evening everyone, I do realise that this has possibly been done before but quite a few years ago and the links no longer seem to work or links to Mitsi pages that are in Japanese, so please excuse me. I have soem A series PLC kit that needs replacing and I have bought all new Q series stuff to replace(where possible). I have been languishing a little on this project now for a few months but need to get moving. I purchased a GOT HMI and got a good deal on the HMI and the complete Mitsubishi Software Suite the local Mitsi guru said that was all I needed to get the job done. But afetr delving into what came inthe box it seems I need a A - Q Conversion Support Tool https://www.mitsubishielectric.com/fa/products/cnt/plca/pmerit/renewal/case/support_tool.html However I cannot find the software on any of the DVD's that I have and I cannot seem to find a download. So I am stuck now. Can anyone help point me in the right directon? Any Help greatly appreceiated. Thanks in advance.    
  13. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    Thanks for your response Bryll. I already have all the HMI's working on VNC. My problem is I have 5 separate machines that are identical but operated from different PLC/HMI's It has been too difficult explaining to the operators that for machine 1 you need to go to IP address 189.345.77.1 and then for the other two machines you go to another IP address etc.etc. It was difficult getting them to understand the IP address concept. The 5 machines can all be operated at the moment from a single SCADA which is very OLD unreliable and runs on a virtual machine, which our IT brothers believe is their domain until it fails at 3 am. Now if I could get all the information onto a single HMI which they could access via a web browser all my problems will be solved. Any help here would be great.   Regards  
  14. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    You are correct but this only outputs the most basic of information from the HMI's default page. Information on the HMI only it requires quite a bit of further programming. Thanks for your response Crossbow.
  15. E1000 HMI to Web Page

    Hello everyone I want to make information on our HMI's available to others using a web browser. I was looking for a few resources where I might be able to learn the basics.    Any help is really appreciated.