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  1. GE PLC 6 output

    Dear Mr. Steve, Thanks for your reply  I connected the Workmaster and I found error flags: 11110100 10010110 10000001 00000000  and table parity error 0096  and the CPU refuses to switch to run state. it switches back to stop state with a sound of relay tick less than a second after pressing F3 from the Logcmaster
  2. GE PLC 6 output

    Dear Mr. Steve Bailey Thanks for your reply I cleared all of faults with the work master station but this fault (enabled) still exist I think it is a hardware fault and I read the manual but I can't found a solution.
  3. GE PLC 6 output

    Dear Sirs,   I have GE PLC system of type series six plus programmable controller, the enabled led of the I/O control card always off therefore the overall outputs are disabled I need your help to solve this problem. Thanks
  4. BIU card in PLC 6 +

    Dear Sirs,   I have PLC 6 + and I have a a BIU card that connected to 3 DC Drives and I will migrate to a new RX3i  and the company told me that they have some problems in transferring this card by leaving the drives without upgrading so is there any way to leave the DC drives without changing and change only the PLC ? 
  5. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Dear Mr. RussB I checked ebay and I found several workmasters so could you please tell me the exact serial no of the workmaster that installed on it this program ? 
  6. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Dear Mr . Steve, Thank you for your reply.  I sent him an email and he told me that he will check the software in an old laptop in his office and I wish that he can get it from him 
  7. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Dear Mr. Steve  I sent an email Mr. Allen Wells as you told me but the email had been returned back to me because it was not true, I wrote the email as follows: allen.wells@cimtec.com and if you have his email could you please send it to me? 
  8. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Dear Mr. RussB Thank you for your advice about changing my PLC to GE RX3i but I'd like to inform you that I talked with the company that manufactured my machine and told me that if you want to do this you must change almost the electrical componants (total electrical upgrade) and this cost abt USD 340000 and this is over my budget I got another idea to change the PLC to GE 90-70 or GE 90-30 without changing the electrical componants and when I asked about the budget I found that it will cost USD 25000 as avarege price and also it was out of my budget so I decided to begin from the 1st step is to find a software and hard drive and I found the hard drive that is compatable with my workmaster so I was searching for the software since last September and when I didn't get any reply from several websites that is why I came here to ask experts abt this and what can I do   The previous hard drive on the workmaster was 400 MB IDE so I bought a 512 MB hard drive so what I need is the software to run the workmaster the the PLC but I don't know how to deal with the serial software if I bought it and if it is available in any other place or not.
  9. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Yes sir, I make a contact with Mrs. Kimberly Lewis in cimtec automatin and after many mails with them I have 2 notes 1) she told me that she have a full kit of "serial cable" while I have a "parallel port" and when I asked her about if it is serial or parallel no one replied me 2) she told me that the program on 1 disk while the original software on 3 diskettes as was maintioned in the original manual of the PLC  No one replied me about these 2 main points and these emails were sent by tje end of september to the middle of October and after that I sent several mails asking about these 2 points but no answar  
  10. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Dear Mr. Steve Thank you for your reply, The whole workmaster is working well and I don't have problems with it except with the hard drive that is not working any more and all data including the software total lost. What I'm trying to find is a software for my GE PLC because I "almost" found a hard drive for my workmaster and the DOS program but when I checked Qualitrol's website I found a SERIAL version not parallel version so do you know another website I can talk with or do you know any way to make this serial program to work with the parallel one ?     
  11. Logicmaster 6 Parallel version

    Dear Sirs, I have an old GE PLC 6 and unfortienatly the hard drive of the workmaster is no longer working now so could you please help me to find any supplier for Logicmaster 6 parallel version software?