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  1. TXDU

    Hello, I'm trying to query a device via ascii commands to retrieve measurement data from it. I need to send the following ascii command "Q/D<CR><LF>" to a KE-40B1 particle counter. It is then supposed to respond with an ASCII string in response similar to this: ""D/KS-XX tMin [vML], Value1, Value2.............ValueN <CR>" I'm using a CJ2H PLC with an CJ1W-SCU21-V1 serial communications unit. I'm relatively new to the PLC world. From research, it looks like TXDU/RXDU are my best bet for commands? I need help deciding the best route to go here and a little help setting these up. How do I set the control words to handle these ascii commands and responses? Any help in this matter would be awesome........
  2. NS + barcode scanner and special characters

    I have a SICK IDM141-300s that I'm trying to get to input into an OMRON NS-Q11B-V2 touchscreen. I've verified everything you mention above. Made a cable to the exact pinouts for both OMRON and the SICK. Still nothing goes into my string input. I'm pulling my hair out here. Anything I might be missing?