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  1. CQM1 with OD212 Output Card

    You have to pay attention on wiring the device. Maybe this will help you. D11CQM1H.1.0304.pdf
  2. Problem with CX-One - CX-Programmer

    1. Remove progs by means of " Add/Remove programs". 2. Remove (Delete) all the remains of files by means of Windows Commander. 3. Run " Regedit ": a. Edit b. Find...( type the name of the program; ex.: CX-Programmer , FGW , ...) c. Delete ALL that keys. 4.Reinstall ONLY CX-One. I use this procedure successfully. Good luck!
  3. CPM1A-20CDT

    Maybe this will help you.
  4. Omron SYSMAC C28K PLC

    You may ask your Omron local distributors for CQM1-PRO01-E programming console or Syswin3.41 programming software.
  5. Omron Humidity sensor

    Sorry for the first question... The only file wich I found on Omron site is this: D02E2KL0104.pdf
  6. Omron Humidity sensor

    Do you know the name of the producer?Did you seen a label or something like this attached on this device?