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  1. PC-PLC CP1E - USB-to-SERIAL cable

    Ok I saw the post uve linked, and also checked the appendix manual. Let me get it straight, so ill have to make it like this: PC > USB-Serial > Host Link Cable > PLC Correct?
  2. PC-PLC CP1E - USB-to-SERIAL cable

    I only use direct converter cable. PC > USB-Serial Cable > PLC How do I get the pinout for this Host Link Cable?
  3. Omron USB driver for windows 10

    I've created a new post on this issue and put the necessary info for your perusal:
  4. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    Thank you for this and your quick responses!   Regards, Summerstone
  5. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    So with good condition battery, how long in weeks or days?  
  6. PC-PLC CP1E - USB-to-SERIAL cable

    Hi,   I have a self-bought usb-serial cable converter for CP1E. Currently can't connect to my PLC using PC. CX-One says "Failed to the PLC". I am supposedly to use "SYSMAC WAY" as my Network Type in PLC settings?   EDIT: The CPU type is N30   I've checked the following settings: 1) COM number is correct ( as checked from windows Device Manager side) 2) Cable driver is installed, there is no "unknown" driver in my windows Device Manager 3) My RS232C LED in PLC is not lighted up.   Any other suggestions to check settings ive missed out would help, other than buying a new cable for the moment.   Regards, Summerstone
  7. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    Thanks for the respond,   How long will the retained memory last if no power supplied to the PLC?   Regards, Summerstone
  8. Omron USB driver for windows 10

    Hi,   I'm using a USB-Serial cable, may I know if there's a driver to download? I've tried using the method mentioned by @Jay Anthony but windows dont find any drivers for the device.   Regards, Danny
  9. Retain Memory CJ2m-CPU31

    Hi All, Just to verify if the "memory card" , in attached document Page 4 highlighted area ,  provides Omron CJ2M CPU21 to retain memory when powered off? If yes, for how long can the memory lasts without being charged? Isit capacitor or battery? Thanks in advance. Regards, Summer cj2m-cpu31.pdf
  10. Hello, I have a cp1h-y20dt-d (sinking output) plc supposedly to be wired to a servo controller. The pulse control method is Pulse/Direction. I've did some manual research on the PLC and found the following diagram attached Untitled. Since the diagram above doesnt show which terminals does it connect to in the CP1H side circled red, I want to ask if those connections belong to the following diagram attached Untitled1? If so, assuming im planning to use only Pulse Output1 (Pulse/Direction method) from the PLC side, is the connection from the first diagram no.1=CCW0- , no.2=CCW1- , no.3=COM (connected to -ve) *Note: these diagrams are from omron's manual SYSMAC CP Series CP1H-X40D_-_ CP1H-XA40D_-_ CP1H-Y20DT-D CP1H CPU Unit Your replies would greatly help. Thanks and best regards, Summer
  11. Festo PLC

    I am currently browsing through them, thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Festo PLC

    Hi!  I'm new and was wondering if anyone here has experience on Festo's PLC? I'm looking for recommendations and guides to start using their software. Any help will do. Thanks, Summer