cp1h-y20dt-d Pulse/Dir Pulse Wiring to Servo Contoller

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I have a cp1h-y20dt-d (sinking output) plc supposedly to be wired to a servo controller. The pulse control method is Pulse/Direction. I've did some manual research on the PLC and found the following diagram attached Untitled.

Since the diagram above doesnt show which terminals does it connect to in the CP1H side circled red, I want to ask if those connections belong to the following diagram attached Untitled1?

If so, assuming im planning to use only Pulse Output1 (Pulse/Direction method) from the PLC side, is the connection from the first diagram no.1=CCW0- , no.2=CCW1- , no.3=COM (connected to -ve)

*Note: these diagrams are from omron's manual SYSMAC CP Series CP1H-X40D_-_ CP1H-XA40D_-_ CP1H-Y20DT-D CP1H CPU Unit

Your replies would greatly help.

Thanks and best regards,



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For PULSE output 0 using PULSE plus DIRECTION configuration you connect CW0+  [Pulse] to the pulse input of your servo and CW1+ [Direction] to the direction input of your servo. Then connect COM[-] to both CW0- and CW1- terminals.

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Keep in mind also that CP1H-Y is rated for 5VDC pulse output, so make sure not to wire it to your Servo Photocoupler 24VDC Input

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