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  1. CP1H - Barcode Reader

    yes, thanks for your supporting as your comment, we need add more module CP1W-CIF01 for PLC and barcode reader, seem, it's expensive also. I'm thinking about method to connect via HMI? Ex: CP1H --rs485--> HMI (Fuji HMI monotouch)  any people test: using LS2208 to read barcode and send to ts1070?
  2. CP1H - Barcode Reader

    do you have list barcode reader that intergrade with CP1H? Actually, I'm finding barcode cheapest price (~100$ as LS2208 of Symbol). But, some branch request Keyence, Idec, Mars tohken that x2/x3 price thanks so much
  3. CP1H - Barcode Reader

    Hello everyone, I'm studying PLC - CP1H to connect barcode reader. Do you have any experience to do it, could you share for me some information? 1. CP1H can connect with barcode? 2. Which barcode reader type can use ? Thanks so much  
  4. MAC address of HMI

    Thanks all for your recommend, I got it.
  5. MAC address of HMI

    thanks so much Mr.Gambit However, MAC address have 12 characters ~ 6 Words Beside, I checked GS408 don't have value (=0)  
  6. MAC address of HMI

    Hello everyone, I would like check MAC address of GT25/GT27 model, But, I haven't found special address (GS) that storage it. who have any information about it, could you share for us? Thanks and best regards!  
  7. GT Designer connect with HMI GT2708 via Ethernet

    Yep, I already ping --> it's ok. But, can't connect from GT designer, it displayed as first post.  
  8. GT Designer connect with HMI GT2708 via Ethernet

    both default/change IP address are same error
  9. GT Designer connect with HMI GT2708 via Ethernet

    Hi, HMI has program, I want to connect to update program Via directly or ethernet swtich is same error.    
  10. Dear, I'm trying read/write program from GT Designer to HMI (GT2708) via Ethernet. However, I can't connect with HMI via Ethernet, It popup messenge as attach file Who have experience about this, pls share it for me Thank you ETHERNET.GTX
  11. RFID V680

    Dear , I want to connect PC and RFID V680-CA1D. But, I'm using Multiway for testing and not see any response Who's experience to do it? could you share it for me? Thanks so much!  
  12. FTP to HMI (GS2107)

    Dear  I would like connect from PC to HMI via FTP (FTP server in HMI) However, It's ok with GT15** , but I can't do with GS2107*** as image below. Who do you have experience about its, could you share some comment for me? Thanks so much!
  13. Barcode Reader -- GOT

    Do you have any recommend for bit that I need enable its to marking where receive data? I can build it in PLC or script in HMI Thanks so much!  
  14. Barcode Reader -- GOT

    Dear all, I've already connected Barcode reader to input data for GOT, But, before using Barcode reader to scan data for GOT, I need press to position where will receive data. Example: if I want to scan data for Barcode#1 --> I need press to GD2000 --> Scan Barcode#1 Next, Press to GD2005 --> Scan Barcode#2 .... It's waste time press in HMI.  So, I would like do as flow: Press to GD2000 -->  Scan Barcode#1 --> (data auto fill to GD2000) --> Scan Barcode#2 --> Data auto fill to GD2005 --> .... Who have experience about this, could you share method for me? Thanks and Best regards!   BARCODE.GTW
  15. Convert HMI GT1000 to GT2000

    ah, thanks so much. I already change config that connected between PLC and HMI ==> and, it's ok. Thanks for your comment