FTP to HMI (GS2107)

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I would like connect from PC to HMI via FTP (FTP server in HMI)

However, It's ok with GT15** , but I can't do with GS2107*** as image below.

Who do you have experience about its, could you share some comment for me?

Thanks so much!


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I have the FTP Server on the GS2107 running and using it to download CSV files.

I´m connecting via the Filezilla Client.

Downloading and uploading works fine BUT it takes time and the connection might get disconnected, so filezilla is automatically reconnecting to the GS2107 and trying to perform the required action.


I used the GS2107 FTP function with Default Setting other than the timeout. This was set to the Minimum time which is 1 Minute if I remember correctly.

I would try to use the filezilla if applicable. Set the filezilla to data type "binary".


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