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  1. ML1400 Solid LED Fault & Power, Blank Display

    AB Tech Support, Confirmed PLC Dead Possible Internal Short, Steve Stated PLC w/Current LED Status, Should Still have a Operating LCD Display, Due To Voltage Drop On DMM When ML1400 Pwr-Up Might Explain Blank LCD. PLC Has Seen Its Better Days/ Repair or Trash.   We Did Try Disconnecting Battery, Then Shorted Out Both Battery Leads On PLC To Drain Internal [Memory/Program] Capacitor, 5seconds, Can Leave Battery Disconnected, Try PLC Again. ML1400 Will Retain Program For Aprox 2 Weeks w/BAT-LO Condition. AB Tech Support 440 646-3223...end
  2. ML1400 Solid LED Fault & Power, Blank Display

    Evaluation:  The Acopian Pwr Supply, Power-On/Inrush DMM VDC MAX= 23.90, Normal=23.90Vdc                       2nd 24VDC Power Supply, SKYNET Electronics M# SNP-A129, [Parker Automation] Pwr-On/Inrush Max=23.87, Normal=23.84Vdc                      Same PLC Fault Condition, Going To Contact Allen Bradley Tech Support Today
  3. 1766-L32BXB Ser B FW 13 In Service 100% 1yr. w/Parker Automation Touchscreen/Ethernet Comm. Note: All Rockwell Software For ML1400 Ser B and ML1400 (Default) CH-0 (8-Pin Din) DF1 RS232, PC-COM1 Cable & Settings Are Same           When Working, Did Revisit RSLink/DF1/Auto-Config, STILL FAILS. PC Has True 9-DB Com-1, PC Device Mgr, COM-1 Set To           ML1400 Default Baud, ect, PC No Conflicts.  In All AB Software & Comm Is Not My Problem. Rockwell Software Registered To Me. AB Manual Ref: Hardware Failure  ( I Would Assume PLC Death/Brick) Discovered a Micrologix 1400 Backlight Life Is 50K Hrs Verses a EL Backlight Installed Is 2K Hrs. I Can Temp/Do w/o a Display For Now, RSLink, No Comm The PLC Power Supply Is a ACOPIAN VA24MT210, 24Vdc Regulated, DMM=23.75vdc, When Power Applied To ML1400 DMM=4.63vdc ML1400 POWER Solid Green, FAULT Solid Red, LCD Display Remains Blank. Can Anyone Else Confirm This PLC Current Status? FYI, AB Knowledge Base, Answer 37814/898272 Not Public, ML1400 Red Fault, Only Related Item Not View When Searched Thank You         Sempter-Fi
  4. PV800 HMI multiple position switch

  5. Hi, I Think I Might Have 1 Problem(s) w/MSG Logic, Never Used MSG's Before.  This Is a Home Training Project, To Get This Far Took Some Learning Curve.  HMI Requires w/Ethernet-ABEN (Allen Bradley Driver) MSG's, Bootp Not Supported w/ABEN Seach For ABEN Nothing/Maybe w/a Tech Connect Acct, Which Work No Longer Supports. Thanks To All For Viewing & Helping Already Established a DF1 RS232 Network w/ML1400 & HMI Works Perfect  Also a WiFi Only w/PC & ML1400-Working   Wanted To Attempt The Ethernet Network w/HMI-Ethernet/Uncharted Waters! Using w/The HMI Ethernet Port: PLC Sending/Write-MSG Data, Present In Nxx:x Image Table  CTC-P41/HMI: Allen Bradley Driver [ABEN] Correct Version/Verified w/Parker Automation/CTCUSA     (Interact v7.0  : EX-83153-611  EX-83151-613)   HMI Not Displaying Write Data.    MSG Write Error Code (Hex)d6 (Reserved w/AB) MSG-READ Same Thing, Not Showing In PLC Nxx:x   MSG Read Error Code (Hex)d6 (Reserved w/AB) RUN/CMD/IPConfig /all RS500 Ethernet Network [DHCP] Working/All Nodes-0-2(HMI) 10/100-T Based-TX(F/H) Incl: Pinging  On Both RSlinks [v2.54] Networks, AB_ETH & AB_ETH_TCPIP From PC-ETH/LinkSys WGT54GS v7.0/Hirschmann Spider 5TX Rail Switch/ML1400-CH1/CTC-P41 HMI/ETH-Port    (Rail Switch, 5 x 10/100BASE-TX, TP cable, RJ45 sockets, auto-crossing, auto-negotiation, auto-polarity) Addtl Specs:  ML1400 (Label) 1766-L32BXB Ser B FW 11         RS500/Processor Status/Proc [Tab]            OS Series B          OS FRN    13.0          Processor Cat# 1766-LEC          Processor Series B          Processor FRN 3.0         RS500 v8.31.01 (CPR9)         RSLink v2.54         CTC P41-3T7-I1-2A3 (10" P266Mhz,32bit,CF&IDE-SSD, CDROM, 144MB Floppy, 4 Expansion Slot BUS)   UPDATE: 11/10/16 Solved Using Wrong Allen Bradley (ABEN) Driver, PLC Type Selection For Ethernet Network Was Using ENI-MICROLOGIX"  HMI Screen Display ( ! ) = No Send/Recv Eth Data Correct PLC Type MICROLOGIX 1100 For The MicroLogix 1400 Processor, Use  Indirect Addressing, No RS500 MSG Read/Write PLC Logic Required PLC Bit To HMI Bit (Tag Editor) Tag Editor Same As RS232/DF1 SLC5          ABEN\1$N7:0,0    
  6. ML1400 Configuring DH485 Network Stumbling

    Ken,              Thanks, Going For The 1747-UIC,  During My Internet Searching Never Ran Across a UIC & AIC+ Combo  Used For DH485 Multi-Nodes, Was Not Sure   If It Could Be Done, Thanks Again Ken,  Sempter-Fi     1973 Hollywood Marine 0351 1stMarDiv FMF, GITMO. Later & Thanks Again.  
  7. Forgot What Round This is, Still Have a Bleeding Nose, Going In, Trying To Establish DH485 Network, Please See Enclosed Attachment For Better Details, Seeking Guidance & Knowledge, Already Got a *** Beatin.    Senior Citizen In The Neighborhood,  Thank's.